Friday, January 23, 2009

A Long weekend

I must apologise for the somewhat disjointed last post,I reread it last night and thought I couldve done a better job, never mind maybe I get it right this time,LOL

Thank heavens its a 4 day break for me,not that Im doing that much hand craft,its more reorganising this hovel,I have to do something about the box's of fibre and yarn residing in abnormal spots.We bought a Futon yesty that hopefully the bunny wont eat(too much).Its bright rd in a false suede sort of stuff and will give me nightmares later keeping it clean but hoping to get a Day cover for it(Tilly loves to sleep on it and boy I didnt realise how much hair a dog can lose in one day)
I also bought a nice rug in blues and at last i feel more mentally comfortable sitting in the lounge room. Later I'm going to shift the sewing cabinet around so it while more accessible too....
I have me eye on another couple of fleeces too and have to figure where to hide them from the male eyes in the house, oh excuse me 3 fleeces, a white corrie,a moorit(Ive spun some up before from that seller and its gorgeous even if it was a bit doggy in character) and a finn fleece,LOVE finn,I remember theres a washed fleece hiding in abox near the freezer...
Anyhoo,Ive finished the ISE& Scarf and am very happy,have a couple of things to add and its in the mail Wednesday,cant do it Tuesday as I have a meeting to attend in Kal and have to grab H... school shirts too,$35 each,what a rip off, well it is a college rather than a normal High School.I m also knitting the last ball of that bunny top that I spun from Ixchel Fibres (Charly) ,Im feeling lazy to add a link so check last post.
We ve said goodbye to any sort of holiday,everyone is running scared of the economic situation and no one is safe when you look at what happened in Raventhorpe , near Esperance.BHP have interests here too and I'm wondering if they ll be cutting back here too.Theres a lot of people glad they went to gold but they aren't that safe as alot of gold mines shut before. Its scary and thats why i keep telling myself Ive stock piled all those fleeces and yarn! Im trying to support my LWS as she ll be having rough time too.She pointed out what shes selling on sale yesty so I thought Id better stock up,well I got the makings of a Gnome...
This year Im going to venture out to the big breakfast with the boys, where the local shire is holding it over East Kambalda I believe,most probably Ill be bored silly and want to come home to do stuff,I dont eat that sort of bacon and egg breaky but Im becoming a hermit when not working so thought Id better do something,other than that I wont be so tired being as I said a 4 day break!!
And just for the sake of a bit of colour heres "some of my new stash"..oops its big picture,didnt check settings..
And one Im currently knitting up for the sake of doing something, and one I just loved,theres heaps more but I wont put them up, already added them on Ravelry

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