Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well I must say writing another post is a surprising event,I think Im avoiding reading the necessary chapters to write a one page essay,ahem,Im getting so close to seeing another large project off the needles I just want to knit every spare moment and get to try it on!
Its a gorgeous warmish day though by jove its been so cold at night,weelll for us anyhow,no snow or frost, just that creeping coldness that soaks in,we spent an hour out in it a couple of nights ago in a desparate search for our missing bunnies
At nearly 11 oclock I found Fluffa,I first though he was dead but I could see a gigantic tear weaving down his little furry cheek and I frantically pulled away the crap that was between him and me,he had somehow got his head stuck between the corner of a plastic bottle crate and the upright pole along the shed wall and must been there for hours,his right eye was pushed up and distorted and I think any long and he would have just given up,he sat back and was very groggy and the only way I could get him out was to pick him up by the cruff of the neck gently and he snuggled into my arms,I rushed him inside and give him water which he didnt leave for nearly ten minutes and was barley able to stand
Meanwhile we went straight to see where the hell Taffy was,a small hole under the fence into the neigbours garden(they dont live there anymore so no feisty JR) I really didnt think Taffy would fit,she is so fat but low and behold when we looked over fence there she was sitting up like Jacky not a feather out of place.After going in there and rattling around she had disappeared, the little rat .Frustrated we came back to our side and bugger me there she was cheekilly perched up looking at us.a quick run down and block the hole and we had her back inside very indignantly.
The last two days they have been locked inside,"punishment" for Taffy but also to ensure Fluffa had a grooming pal to be with him.Im suspicious some thing must have startled them for them to go to ground like this and I think Fluffa must have tried to climb or hop over the plastic bin and slipped as there was room for him to turn around.
Looking at his progress he come running up to me this morning looking for his favourite brekky, bread and cereal(Fibre Plus) and I think hes going to be blind in that damaged eye as he run into a few things when I let him go outside.Hes such a docile buny,he loves being petted and I always spend time "grooming" him ,he doesnt struggle when I pick him up,very loving,sits with me often as I study late nights and even joins me while I hang washing,feeding around my feet on the lawn. I didnt sleep that first night so scared I had lost him and I blamed myself as I didnt go looking for him earlier when he didnt turn up as he usualy does,he has a cute little routine and always follows it.
 Dressed in a 000 singlet to keep him warm after shearing,
With luck he will come good and is already showing his resilience(that word makes me feel ill,had it jammed down neck too many time ,lol) and it remains to be seen how much sight he ll have considerign that we think he didnt have much in the first place!
Sitting in a bucket or split peas,he loves them so much and had to squish in muchly to get at them!And yes I did post this last time but couldnt resist he looked so cute sitting in there!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Im Back!!!

Well so much for doing more posting,anyhoo,Im racing the clock to get two assignments done,ones all theory Faucould etc,think thats how tis spelt,I have to write 3 more short essay on te impact of bodies and sexuality and global effect of bodies and so on,confused so am I but if i manage to read enough I may be able to write some sort of response,the other unit requires a more practical one,yippee I have to make an animation,the boys say iteasy Mum,hmm lets see how I go,two weeks I have to do a huge theory essay to follow a week later
On the knitting front Im half way through Snowgoose and Atilier,couldne be bothered checking spellin,if interested check last post,cripes my typing is shit tonigh
I have an oven full of baked spuds for a beaut meal of stuffed with sour cream and bacon to go with the awesome snags from Kal butchery....I can sit a bit longer before I go clean off the crap from work,I rally must put some more timeinto my own garden,I rally miss that gardening time here,bugger doing it for aliving
Im starting to get excited with the Toodyay trip coming up in early June,Im hoping Hubby wont hate me tooo much for deserting him,Ive got him in training at moment by not helping at Pizza shop,yes his latest business,thank god it went through but his hand is getting better and should be back in full use soon,
Just for fun heres Fluffa sitting in the bucket of split peas Dh uses for hand therapy,loves munching on them!The weathers starting to turn cool and hes fluffy again,his companion is like basket ball shes so fat!
Brownbird AKA Snowgoose,Jo Sharp Silk tweed in Autumn,love this stuff have enough in the red Worsted "Spain" for a vest,got some as destash but realised it was worsted and could nt do the pattertn I wanted so bought some more on sale. Also have some in a greeny colour but cant remember what its called but the patterns called,bugger cant remember..anyway Ill find it and when started will add a pic...
And the lovely Atilier again thinks that spelt wrong but who cares..This stuffs from Skein I keep saying is seriously the nicest stuff,I hope it wears well,Im sweating on another two colours Fig and sorry another two,Geishas and Suburban I think,steely grey and lusciuous red.
Ok Im off,really need to clean up kitchen and cook dinner...
Oh I meant to add,is anyone having probs commenting,I know one person said they did ages ago and Ive been looking this new setup and theres "Traffic" but Im presuming like me dont have time to sign in etc
Oh cant resist heres another shot of bike...its on facebook but some havent seen it here!!LOL Me in my work attire,cant afford the protective bike stuff yet