Thursday, April 28, 2011

Im Back!!!

Well so much for doing more posting,anyhoo,Im racing the clock to get two assignments done,ones all theory Faucould etc,think thats how tis spelt,I have to write 3 more short essay on te impact of bodies and sexuality and global effect of bodies and so on,confused so am I but if i manage to read enough I may be able to write some sort of response,the other unit requires a more practical one,yippee I have to make an animation,the boys say iteasy Mum,hmm lets see how I go,two weeks I have to do a huge theory essay to follow a week later
On the knitting front Im half way through Snowgoose and Atilier,couldne be bothered checking spellin,if interested check last post,cripes my typing is shit tonigh
I have an oven full of baked spuds for a beaut meal of stuffed with sour cream and bacon to go with the awesome snags from Kal butchery....I can sit a bit longer before I go clean off the crap from work,I rally must put some more timeinto my own garden,I rally miss that gardening time here,bugger doing it for aliving
Im starting to get excited with the Toodyay trip coming up in early June,Im hoping Hubby wont hate me tooo much for deserting him,Ive got him in training at moment by not helping at Pizza shop,yes his latest business,thank god it went through but his hand is getting better and should be back in full use soon,
Just for fun heres Fluffa sitting in the bucket of split peas Dh uses for hand therapy,loves munching on them!The weathers starting to turn cool and hes fluffy again,his companion is like basket ball shes so fat!
Brownbird AKA Snowgoose,Jo Sharp Silk tweed in Autumn,love this stuff have enough in the red Worsted "Spain" for a vest,got some as destash but realised it was worsted and could nt do the pattertn I wanted so bought some more on sale. Also have some in a greeny colour but cant remember what its called but the patterns called,bugger cant remember..anyway Ill find it and when started will add a pic...
And the lovely Atilier again thinks that spelt wrong but who cares..This stuffs from Skein I keep saying is seriously the nicest stuff,I hope it wears well,Im sweating on another two colours Fig and sorry another two,Geishas and Suburban I think,steely grey and lusciuous red.
Ok Im off,really need to clean up kitchen and cook dinner...
Oh I meant to add,is anyone having probs commenting,I know one person said they did ages ago and Ive been looking this new setup and theres "Traffic" but Im presuming like me dont have time to sign in etc
Oh cant resist heres another shot of bike...its on facebook but some havent seen it here!!LOL Me in my work attire,cant afford the protective bike stuff yet



  1. Good to see you back

  2. I love writing even if I feel Im only writing to maself,LOL