Saturday, March 19, 2011

Working hard

Yep Im working hard as making sense at life and what makes it go round while staying sane.I woke this morning daunted at what seems to be an impossible day but after spending a hour or so catching up on the net ,Im much more relaxed and uncaring despite I havet done any Uni work or a few days,the last 3 weeks have been another aweful stage but as always we seem to pull through so Im determined not to let anything get in the way!
This last few weeks as I said have been terrible,DH hurt himself badly and there seems to be rumours surfaceing around town as it does in small towns like this that directly impacted my job,having people including your own staff getting excited at the prospect that I have resigned from my job,WTF,the crestfallen looks that ensued upon the denial was equally disapointing considering. I found it both amusing and disappointing however Ive resisted the notion of attending morning tea and publicly annoucing that information.I havent ,nor do I intend leaving my job until Im well and truley ready which wont be for some time if not years and even if that does P*** some certain galahs off. I will however mention one little trifle,work place bullying ,intimidation,harrasement and all the crap that comes with it is also well and truley alive and kicking,sad as it is.Oh and the isolation that comes with it, simply because it is like domestic abuse,no one wants to know
Right back to more pleasant things!!!

This has me thinking,Ixchels fibre Farms hand dyed BFL Cashmere called "Irish Pub",delightful name and cant wait to spin it but am thinking of this lovely pattern where I can use this as the complimentary yarn and the main will be something soft and yummy,Im thinking "Skein" in that very nice combo Silk Merino! Not sure if Ill go with a darkish navy blue or an equally dark olive green.I have sooo much on the list and its growing each week mainly decasue the annual pilgrimidge to Toodyay is coming up and I must have some new knitting to show off and enjoy!Im going to start the King of Confidence soon as its mindless knitting though being black it may be a bother!
Im u to knitting the left sleeve of the Lagoon,it ll breeze along now I understand the concept of the pattern,I had to think and use commonsense last night to work out the cast on for under the arm and Im thinking an inexperianced person might stall at that!
Ive also started another sock in Lornas Laces ,some lovely greeny blue yarn that I bought from Yarnivorous a couple years ago during her destashing before moving overseas,I had stated another pattern,lovely as it seemed,it was just too much to sit and carefully mark off a chart as it was easy to bugger up.So I started another in one of my dream up simple but fun patterns that I may write up one day! I havnt photoed yet,waiting to get up to a more photo genic stage.Now this project is on top of the "danish" shawl,another sock pattern again my invention,some handspinning that will end in a pattern like Multinomah but grades from near white corries down to a chocloate feather fan pattern at end,I have too much natural greasey fibre so am getting the best out,spinning stariaght from a washed fleece no carding and when I ahve enough to do something in the bin for the remainder,just no room left.I have two alpaca fleeces too,a white ,and a caramel,Im hoping the little mill in Toodyay may be able to process it to  yarn stage. I dont know if they have a minimum amount and havent weighted mine yet!
Anyhow I must get too,ironing school clothes, my work clothes, a hang washing,make boys put theirs away,a quick clean up and maybe some study!

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  1. Begorrah! Hope your hubby recovers quickly and you stare down those workplace bullies.