Sunday, March 06, 2011


During research on my latest art assignment,I came across this little bit of interesing science news,Ive heard of something like this before but maybe the researcher was poo pared then and has just gone on to add further studies.  I was going to add a picture from the journal but thought being copy righted they might upset with me,but go take a look at this fascinating article,possibilities are endless!!
Never the the less, this Journel is now favourite marked on Computer
Anyhow Im trying to get some projects done this week and managed to add to my list I think on top of trying to get as much done on the Curtin Assignment,the text book hasnt arrived for the Macquarie one but its not due til April
Im working on a contempory angle with creative thinking to absolve the problem of 30 ideas of what you can do with a bucket,not just one but as many as I need,I may post something next weekend to show what I came up with if they dont seem too silly?
On the spinning front I cant find the fleece I was spinning for the Dutch Shawl,So am going to introduce a new fleece somehow,most of what I have is EL merino and not as soft and that goes for the bit of Gotlnad lamby I have as well,Im dying to get to the end so I can experiment with a lace finish...
On Envy I got to the second pattern and discovered I hadnt read row 9.... which had extra M1s,...bugger but I frogged last night and got back up to where I had to undo,hopefully Ill be through the second set of increases tonight though cant have a late one.Work tomorrow though a of bit mess up there,have to run DH into town to catch a flight to Perh at 7am, to visit the hand foot specialist surgeon tose how his injury is fairing,we must have run over a black feline someplace ,all the crap doesnt seem to stop,it just keeps on rolling in   :(
On top of that some people seem to think Ive/m resigned/ing my job,are you kidding???? its all that keeping us at moment,bloody idiots.
Envy now..

 A skien of Christmas hand dyed top from Jane at Moseley Park near Kimba SA,had it sitting there as a single,was knitting it up as socks but it was over spun on the electric wheel and twisting as I knitted, if I can find the other half will be a hat or mittens

One of the pair of gorgeous alpaca mittens Ive had hibernating,feels like butter,I hope to pull in and buy some more in Chocolate later this year!

Some more fleece I played with this week,corrie in fawn through to white,not as soft as the shawl but pretty,110 metres at a light worsted or 8ply not decided yet what Ill do with this one

Oh great news last Tuesday my second son is starting his apprentiship with a local Buisness in AutoSparky

,best bit its what he wants to do and its walking distance from home so he ll be able to save more towards his car!
Its not a very dirty profession unlike the Boily job Son 1 has,nearly finished his App too, but I hope he does well,very brainy boy and picks up very quickly!
Lastly,Grevillea,"Moonglow" very lovely bush!

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