Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A little trip

Back a few years..times were better though not problem free at least there was a happier stuff,I wasnt tired,there was more time for family stuff,lizards featured highly, bush walking was it.

Monday, February 25, 2013


holidays....idiot me didnt look and read properly and enrolled History unit for SP2 not 1 for which it wasnt even available,well it looked availbale when i was doing it...whinging and crying wont cut so am ramping up to do two units next SP3 when the daylight hours are coming in after Winter
Until then its painting sewing drawing spinning and reading in my free times
Had a look at this designer,Ive followed her for a while,beautiful designs. I still haven't started Manu ,well I do have time now for three months..idiot,MUST wear glasses when doing important stuff like enrolling
List to do this week
  • sew up tops,just the gathering bands and hems
  • clean up vegie garden
  • mow lawn
  • knit on at three projects
And just for something different a pic of where my biggest baby works,I nicked this from his page! Hes doing nightshift at the moment,7 days 7 nights and 7 days off.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday myday

is is truley,no unit materials to upoad so after a quick clean up where the laundry tap had leaked,rusted through,I reorganised my desk so it was essay writing friendly and put painting materials away including the new Pebeo oil set I picked up yesterday
Yesterday I was at the Black Crow Studios in Boulder for a Derwent demonstration of their products it was fun and I stayed to long for one thing or another,they kindly gave me some bits for being a great customer and even the Rep tried hard to get me to consider teaching,alas not for me yet,if I lived in there yes but driving 120km there and back,it wouldnt be feasible. My experiments consisted of a bit of water color,carnations in contemporary style and Schminkie pastels which my effort was Stuart Pea flowers which were highlighted with one of their nice black soft tip pens,I left it as a demo example for the lovely shop owners,they expressed disappointment that the previous group took all theirs with them. Another visotor left his landscape so they got two nice works even if I say so! I didnt have phone on me so couldne bring home pics but I have a set of these gorgeous soft pastels specifically for doing this plat so Ill have a go later in my own time.
The new units up tomorrow,VIS 24,shudder,history and essays,groan.............
Knitting to date
3.my own design of socks in Ms Gussets Cormo 4py

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nearly Friday

Im highly suspicious Im developing Chronic fatigue,
My day
5.15 am rise
5.30 am finish packing however lunch boxes needed that day,from one to four
5.45 am get dressed for work,pack two pieces of bread and a bottle of milk if needed and have a wake up cup of tea
5.55 am wake those needing to wake,boil kettle and throw taost in toaster,if time cook an egg or two 
6am aim to get out the door in next 5 mins and hope Hubby is awake to get kids out door to school bus at 7am...................
List of normal jobs
  • blow school grounds
  • set spinklers on areas suffering
  • make sure rubbish bins are out
  • hopefully a quick cup toast at 8.15 so i can avoid the arrogant rude people passing by
  • rake or mow or water depending on day
  • balance availability of assistant with garden work and demands from admin
  • if that doesnt fit,do the garden work of two people til recess at 11am,coffee
  •  increasingly run faster to get garden stuff done and fit in other admin demands
  • remember the next meeting with boss,chase up lost furniture oh theres a tradie arrived and needs to be let in,on opposite side to where I am,run to location let in and run back cause a teacher wants a tin of snails,crickets worms, crikey I left that sprinkler on, damn bugger ,Hubbys demanding presence back over other side in my office so he can "share "coffee time, oh is that the lunch bell,run back and check all tools are put away and doors to store room locked,pick up rubbish from lunch and check fridge in office for supplies for rest of week and ...home time at 2.30 where it starts again to clean up after males
  • Study.........................
  • Bed when I can make it

Ok thats enough,makes me tired to look at it
This afternoon I managed to get the Bernina over locker,800DL out and do those tops,just need to hem top and bottom and insert drawstring,check length of sleeves ad i should be done,Ill be wearing one this weekend I hope,one I like so far but the others Im not sure. Im so pleased I spent the money on this beautiful machine,runs cleanly and without a hiccup
A couple of interesting spots
Id love to have the free time to do more sewing but even better live where I can wear the sorts I want to make

Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting there!

It was my day off to day and having an assignment due by Sunday night,(back at work Monday so it has to be done before) Two paintings today finished one with the second not far behind, there's another block print to do and a couple of water color exercises, tomorrow all prac will be done.
The shearing shed where I highlighted the light
This is a shot of it just before finishing touches, the other one is a perspective view of a windmill,its a yellowtail not a Comet but thats ok, Ill post a pic later when Im finished
Not much else to say really,lost my knitting mojo a little so no new stuff there,no sewing and really not much else.
Its so hot here,the waters still hot out of the tap and watering my plants this evening it was a thought that maybe it was a bit warm to water.Next week I hope its a bit cooler as vegie garden is a jungle and the lawn is horrible too. With another unit to start next weekend I will enjoy some domestic work before and theres a Derwent demo in the art shop next Saturday too,so looking forward to it,Im seeing it a day out after studying for 3 months!
Ok back to work!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Saturday 9th Feb

Title? Well not imaginative but itll do
I m starting to feel like writing again but not socialize though a conversation with one of my Fav Aunties the other night was very welcome
Our new residents...

Fluffa was breakfasting with them but I think the big "munch munch" noises startled him and he grabbed his bit of leaf and  buggered off (Taffy used to eat his breakfast so he learnt to carry off a bit to eat in peace),anyhow theyre starting to settle in, mind their manners and use the loo etc,not grooming each other yet (as a group session) but Fluffas showing them the ropes,lol Just had a thought, Smoking Hot Needles has two gorgeous furry kids,white  and now I have two new charges,also white. These girls have come to live here for company for Fluffa,their wonderful owner was beautiful in her offer to rehome them here,allowed them fun in the garden, where they finally got to explore this morning and theyll be here for her( waves to P) to visit!!
Today Im urgently trying and succeeding in getting a collection of works together,well experimental at the this stage,
Block Printing,some of which I will incorporate into mixed media,a few papers are being prepared for image transfer,some will work and expect others to be complete failures
While they dried I found an old template and thought Id do a couple and see if I could get a good end print as Im doing my bedroom up and would love to frame one to add to collection of a few I want to hang above dressing table

Im thnking of ordering this fabric pack soon,changing the subject briefly
 From shop,this help me find the link later if I forget the pack name!
And to see why,check out Modas catalogue,if you browse you come across the above set of fabrics! Ive signed up for ISSUU,its a great site!
Anyhow I want to make a very similiar quilt to the one that Linda of http://lindasquiltmania.blogspot.com.au/ 
 has done,look at her Post titled "Playing with Comma",7th Jan 13, it wont match anything Im doing in the house,the play of colours just gets me in,theres another one I want to do that matches in tone and color the new doona cover i have jsut got but Im hoping to not only complete hews Quilt but get Pats bought and under way,saving to pay off Child no 5 education fees first then visit Mother in mid April
Oh also i heard an interview on the ABC with the Hon Micheal Kirby during the holidays and his book sounds fascinating,anyone read it? I dont know why but when he siad he d been with his partner for 40 or so years if I remember correctly I was in awe,not many people around who can say that,Ive put it here so again I can remember the name and his book and order it when I m next in town
Ok back to work.....

PS Im going to pick out 12 of my best WA flower photos from Munglinup and have a couple of calendars done!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I should

Be studying,I should be burying myself into art research, entering ideas in VD,which I did in ten minutes at lunch,Ive got these ideas rattling round in my brain,getting it out requires that VD,never before  I found it necessary to even bother write draw experiment in my diary,its end up an ordered presentation after the fact, with prints of artist bits Ive found on the topic and final pics of the works I did just to fill the darn thing,this time I have only four pages so far after looking at it for 4 weeks but when I have had a n idea I couldnt start til I used this formally avoided diary,this my friends is the best thing,it shadows progress as a working artist ,well in the mind...

Frolicking in the setting sun.........
Look how still the water is,little did we realise how good that was,the next trip was into ripperly wind and harder paddling
Oh Im not very good on that side of lense,
Another project finished,well the knitting part,it needs ends sewn in etc,another boring to some but lovely achievement value,its going to a dear work mate whos been a wonderful person,always a smile on her face and wonderful in other ways too in such a horrible place at times to be,oh its the wave pattern.
That cheeky bird again
On my next post Im going to put a series of photos of the unit, cottage I suppose is a better descritption,Im trying to convince Hubby that we need one like it to put on our own "holiday" block one day but with surrounding verandahs..

Sunday, February 03, 2013

A new term

School starts here tomorrow well for two boys,the other one goes to a Catholic college so he goes Tuesday,Im presuming hes going to enjoy a quiet day at home.
After the terrible week just past Im much relieved to say that Fluffa will have new family this week,his daughter and her Mum are coming to stay,hes still lost and looking for Taffy and needs lots of attention being 75% blind we have to care a bit extra for him including washing his face( Taffy was very good at that)
I shall miss Taffy dreadfully.
In the following few posts Im going to post some pics of what we did while away despite regretting going,I did have some success with Camera and two sketches,a taste of my work too
One I did today to be part of a set that includes a three panel work
And photos
Kissing Cockies
I got three projects done and a fair bit done on this Citrus shawl,Im going with a second ball so there over 200 sts,yikes, see the phone propped up to the top right? that's the best reception we could get without driving up the road,handy seeing Son 3 had an emergency

Friday, February 01, 2013


Is it when things are starting to seem to look up job wise, family and life that the most awfulness happens and everything falls to pieces.
Hubby talked me into going away for 5 nights at the beach with the Carnaby Cockies,water and cool breezes,wonderful but at the back of my mind something wasnt right,on the way back after a panicked call from one son who needed to visit emergency,Hubby informed me the Cruiser needed another tranny and diff,it hadnt had an oil change for too long,why FFS I couldve done it,(hes cant due to hand),I could smell the hot oil. Got home and something still wasnt right,had work early next morning and also needed to drive to town to pay for my surgery as they were closing,that morning I thought Taffy didn't look happy,got home I went looking for her and Tilly took me straight to where shed breathed her last breathe,Ive not cried so much since my Father went,I let her down , didn't fully check her on getting home,assumed cause Fluffa also looked a bit off and after seeing him eating pigface that she'd also eaten the wrong thing,I dont know if she was fly blown when i got home or theyd hit her during the day,Ill never know but Ive lost one of the most endearing fur babies Ive had the honour to meet,I hate myself and part of me hates others for not seeing and the fact I wasn't here at others insistance.
Now Fluffas lost his mate and is still looking for her.I hope I can find another lost(rescue) bundle to give comfort not only for it but so Fluffa has a snuggle pal
Farewell baby girl