Thursday, February 07, 2013

I should

Be studying,I should be burying myself into art research, entering ideas in VD,which I did in ten minutes at lunch,Ive got these ideas rattling round in my brain,getting it out requires that VD,never before  I found it necessary to even bother write draw experiment in my diary,its end up an ordered presentation after the fact, with prints of artist bits Ive found on the topic and final pics of the works I did just to fill the darn thing,this time I have only four pages so far after looking at it for 4 weeks but when I have had a n idea I couldnt start til I used this formally avoided diary,this my friends is the best thing,it shadows progress as a working artist ,well in the mind...

Frolicking in the setting sun.........
Look how still the water is,little did we realise how good that was,the next trip was into ripperly wind and harder paddling
Oh Im not very good on that side of lense,
Another project finished,well the knitting part,it needs ends sewn in etc,another boring to some but lovely achievement value,its going to a dear work mate whos been a wonderful person,always a smile on her face and wonderful in other ways too in such a horrible place at times to be,oh its the wave pattern.
That cheeky bird again
On my next post Im going to put a series of photos of the unit, cottage I suppose is a better descritption,Im trying to convince Hubby that we need one like it to put on our own "holiday" block one day but with surrounding verandahs..

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  1. The water is so still and mirror-like. It's been windy here and the water is all whipped up and tipped with white. Oh a shack with verandahs all the way around sounds lovely!!!