Monday, February 25, 2013


holidays....idiot me didnt look and read properly and enrolled History unit for SP2 not 1 for which it wasnt even available,well it looked availbale when i was doing it...whinging and crying wont cut so am ramping up to do two units next SP3 when the daylight hours are coming in after Winter
Until then its painting sewing drawing spinning and reading in my free times
Had a look at this designer,Ive followed her for a while,beautiful designs. I still haven't started Manu ,well I do have time now for three months..idiot,MUST wear glasses when doing important stuff like enrolling
List to do this week
  • sew up tops,just the gathering bands and hems
  • clean up vegie garden
  • mow lawn
  • knit on at three projects
And just for something different a pic of where my biggest baby works,I nicked this from his page! Hes doing nightshift at the moment,7 days 7 nights and 7 days off.

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  1. Oh, nice big machines. I clicked through to the designers page and there was a Labrador, so thank you.
    Oh no, bad luck about the not enrolling, use your enforced holiday wisely!!