Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday myday

is is truley,no unit materials to upoad so after a quick clean up where the laundry tap had leaked,rusted through,I reorganised my desk so it was essay writing friendly and put painting materials away including the new Pebeo oil set I picked up yesterday
Yesterday I was at the Black Crow Studios in Boulder for a Derwent demonstration of their products it was fun and I stayed to long for one thing or another,they kindly gave me some bits for being a great customer and even the Rep tried hard to get me to consider teaching,alas not for me yet,if I lived in there yes but driving 120km there and back,it wouldnt be feasible. My experiments consisted of a bit of water color,carnations in contemporary style and Schminkie pastels which my effort was Stuart Pea flowers which were highlighted with one of their nice black soft tip pens,I left it as a demo example for the lovely shop owners,they expressed disappointment that the previous group took all theirs with them. Another visotor left his landscape so they got two nice works even if I say so! I didnt have phone on me so couldne bring home pics but I have a set of these gorgeous soft pastels specifically for doing this plat so Ill have a go later in my own time.
The new units up tomorrow,VIS 24,shudder,history and essays,groan.............
Knitting to date
2.citron own design of socks in Ms Gussets Cormo 4py


  1. Oh I love those green socks. I also love the oil paints. I had lost of 72 watercolour Derwent sets and it was always a Friday afternoon job at school for the children to put them all back in colour order!!

  2. I wouldn't have encouraged your teaching if I had realised just how far you would have to travel. I live on a small farm and if the traffic is going well it can take as little as 4 minutes to arrive at TAFE. Too convenient! I have to be strict with myself and not bank on the 4 minute drive and remind myself it is good to have some time in the classroom before the students get there.
    The Derwent demo sounds great.