Friday, February 01, 2013


Is it when things are starting to seem to look up job wise, family and life that the most awfulness happens and everything falls to pieces.
Hubby talked me into going away for 5 nights at the beach with the Carnaby Cockies,water and cool breezes,wonderful but at the back of my mind something wasnt right,on the way back after a panicked call from one son who needed to visit emergency,Hubby informed me the Cruiser needed another tranny and diff,it hadnt had an oil change for too long,why FFS I couldve done it,(hes cant due to hand),I could smell the hot oil. Got home and something still wasnt right,had work early next morning and also needed to drive to town to pay for my surgery as they were closing,that morning I thought Taffy didn't look happy,got home I went looking for her and Tilly took me straight to where shed breathed her last breathe,Ive not cried so much since my Father went,I let her down , didn't fully check her on getting home,assumed cause Fluffa also looked a bit off and after seeing him eating pigface that she'd also eaten the wrong thing,I dont know if she was fly blown when i got home or theyd hit her during the day,Ill never know but Ive lost one of the most endearing fur babies Ive had the honour to meet,I hate myself and part of me hates others for not seeing and the fact I wasn't here at others insistance.
Now Fluffas lost his mate and is still looking for her.I hope I can find another lost(rescue) bundle to give comfort not only for it but so Fluffa has a snuggle pal
Farewell baby girl


  1. So Sorry Cathy... hope you can find another pal for Fluffa and help ease the hurt

  2. Oh, poor little Fluffa, pining for Taffy. I am so sorry to read of your recent horrid times. I hope that things are looking up very soon. I am sure mutual cuddles will comfort you and Fluffa.

  3. Thank you for kind thoughts,Ive stopped crying but heart still burns,Fluffa is lucky that he has his"wife" and Daughter coming to be his new family,they will arrive in the next day or so.I hope he relates to them but Im sure the snuggles will be full on!

  4. Cathie, I sent a comment when you first posted this but it hasn't shown up. Hugs for you and Fluffa. That's really hard for you.

  5. Thank you Jan,I get very attached to my animals,the new companions have arrived and although a bit standoffish theres signs they going to get along!