Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting there!

It was my day off to day and having an assignment due by Sunday night,(back at work Monday so it has to be done before) Two paintings today finished one with the second not far behind, there's another block print to do and a couple of water color exercises, tomorrow all prac will be done.
The shearing shed where I highlighted the light
This is a shot of it just before finishing touches, the other one is a perspective view of a windmill,its a yellowtail not a Comet but thats ok, Ill post a pic later when Im finished
Not much else to say really,lost my knitting mojo a little so no new stuff there,no sewing and really not much else.
Its so hot here,the waters still hot out of the tap and watering my plants this evening it was a thought that maybe it was a bit warm to water.Next week I hope its a bit cooler as vegie garden is a jungle and the lawn is horrible too. With another unit to start next weekend I will enjoy some domestic work before and theres a Derwent demo in the art shop next Saturday too,so looking forward to it,Im seeing it a day out after studying for 3 months!
Ok back to work!

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