Friday, February 08, 2013

Saturday 9th Feb

Title? Well not imaginative but itll do
I m starting to feel like writing again but not socialize though a conversation with one of my Fav Aunties the other night was very welcome
Our new residents...

Fluffa was breakfasting with them but I think the big "munch munch" noises startled him and he grabbed his bit of leaf and  buggered off (Taffy used to eat his breakfast so he learnt to carry off a bit to eat in peace),anyhow theyre starting to settle in, mind their manners and use the loo etc,not grooming each other yet (as a group session) but Fluffas showing them the ropes,lol Just had a thought, Smoking Hot Needles has two gorgeous furry kids,white  and now I have two new charges,also white. These girls have come to live here for company for Fluffa,their wonderful owner was beautiful in her offer to rehome them here,allowed them fun in the garden, where they finally got to explore this morning and theyll be here for her( waves to P) to visit!!
Today Im urgently trying and succeeding in getting a collection of works together,well experimental at the this stage,
Block Printing,some of which I will incorporate into mixed media,a few papers are being prepared for image transfer,some will work and expect others to be complete failures
While they dried I found an old template and thought Id do a couple and see if I could get a good end print as Im doing my bedroom up and would love to frame one to add to collection of a few I want to hang above dressing table

Im thnking of ordering this fabric pack soon,changing the subject briefly
 From shop,this help me find the link later if I forget the pack name!
And to see why,check out Modas catalogue,if you browse you come across the above set of fabrics! Ive signed up for ISSUU,its a great site!
Anyhow I want to make a very similiar quilt to the one that Linda of 
 has done,look at her Post titled "Playing with Comma",7th Jan 13, it wont match anything Im doing in the house,the play of colours just gets me in,theres another one I want to do that matches in tone and color the new doona cover i have jsut got but Im hoping to not only complete hews Quilt but get Pats bought and under way,saving to pay off Child no 5 education fees first then visit Mother in mid April
Oh also i heard an interview on the ABC with the Hon Micheal Kirby during the holidays and his book sounds fascinating,anyone read it? I dont know why but when he siad he d been with his partner for 40 or so years if I remember correctly I was in awe,not many people around who can say that,Ive put it here so again I can remember the name and his book and order it when I m next in town
Ok back to work.....

PS Im going to pick out 12 of my best WA flower photos from Munglinup and have a couple of calendars done!

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