Sunday, February 03, 2013

A new term

School starts here tomorrow well for two boys,the other one goes to a Catholic college so he goes Tuesday,Im presuming hes going to enjoy a quiet day at home.
After the terrible week just past Im much relieved to say that Fluffa will have new family this week,his daughter and her Mum are coming to stay,hes still lost and looking for Taffy and needs lots of attention being 75% blind we have to care a bit extra for him including washing his face( Taffy was very good at that)
I shall miss Taffy dreadfully.
In the following few posts Im going to post some pics of what we did while away despite regretting going,I did have some success with Camera and two sketches,a taste of my work too
One I did today to be part of a set that includes a three panel work
And photos
Kissing Cockies
I got three projects done and a fair bit done on this Citrus shawl,Im going with a second ball so there over 200 sts,yikes, see the phone propped up to the top right? that's the best reception we could get without driving up the road,handy seeing Son 3 had an emergency

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