Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nearly Friday

Im highly suspicious Im developing Chronic fatigue,
My day
5.15 am rise
5.30 am finish packing however lunch boxes needed that day,from one to four
5.45 am get dressed for work,pack two pieces of bread and a bottle of milk if needed and have a wake up cup of tea
5.55 am wake those needing to wake,boil kettle and throw taost in toaster,if time cook an egg or two 
6am aim to get out the door in next 5 mins and hope Hubby is awake to get kids out door to school bus at 7am...................
List of normal jobs
  • blow school grounds
  • set spinklers on areas suffering
  • make sure rubbish bins are out
  • hopefully a quick cup toast at 8.15 so i can avoid the arrogant rude people passing by
  • rake or mow or water depending on day
  • balance availability of assistant with garden work and demands from admin
  • if that doesnt fit,do the garden work of two people til recess at 11am,coffee
  •  increasingly run faster to get garden stuff done and fit in other admin demands
  • remember the next meeting with boss,chase up lost furniture oh theres a tradie arrived and needs to be let in,on opposite side to where I am,run to location let in and run back cause a teacher wants a tin of snails,crickets worms, crikey I left that sprinkler on, damn bugger ,Hubbys demanding presence back over other side in my office so he can "share "coffee time, oh is that the lunch bell,run back and check all tools are put away and doors to store room locked,pick up rubbish from lunch and check fridge in office for supplies for rest of week and ...home time at 2.30 where it starts again to clean up after males
  • Study.........................
  • Bed when I can make it

Ok thats enough,makes me tired to look at it
This afternoon I managed to get the Bernina over locker,800DL out and do those tops,just need to hem top and bottom and insert drawstring,check length of sleeves ad i should be done,Ill be wearing one this weekend I hope,one I like so far but the others Im not sure. Im so pleased I spent the money on this beautiful machine,runs cleanly and without a hiccup
A couple of interesting spots
Id love to have the free time to do more sewing but even better live where I can wear the sorts I want to make

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