Friday, April 27, 2007

Some Progress

I've managed to finish a patonyle sock while in Perth(only grafted the toe when I got home as needed a memory boost to remember the sequence) but Ive found Im short about 5 rows in foot length so my Mum will score a another pair of socks for Mums Day.
I love knitting with Patonyle as its so soft and knits well with 2.25mm needles! Maybe Patons will increase the colours and patterns a bit more if their popularity increases! I have some red stashed away as its not available anymore and am hoarding it for special,very special, patterns,I usually check Ebay as thats where I found the 6 or balls came from!
Havent done any spinning and wished I could find the peace and time to jump on but have settled into knitting the various UFOs hidden in several Bags.As well there's 6 balls of turquoise yarn sent by KOGO for scarves and beanies,charity knitting of course! I bought some baby wool to make some Premi sized baby things for another one,Knit4 Charity.
I didnt realise how difficult it was to find the small sizes! i think Ill be able to calculate to go down a size or two anyway!

Oh I spent ten mins in LWS on Friday and walked out with this bundle (saw Donnas new project and thought what a great between season item)not sure if it will work as the original yarn is a DK but its worked on 5mm needles so the finished top must be fairly soft!

Anyhow Im going to try it with Zivargo,with slightly longer sleeves though.....Ha Ha Ha ,I have so many UFO's,Hubby doesn't even comment anymore....
The weather is still gorgeous during the day but by late afternoon and night its nearly frosting already! My face was still pink yesterday from working in it at 5.30am blowing the school and I couldn t get warm last night after returning from a farewell dinner for a local, leaving for the big smoke. It should give me incentive at least to finish the Central Park Hoodie as Hockey is about to start too,brrrrr!

Oh ,heres another UFO, done(though ends need doing as usaul,with weather rapidly cooling id better get this one to its new owner!)

And some new reading,Im not sure about the Stolen Time one but thought it will be thought provoking at the least....and the Jean Sasson book should great,Ive read some of her previous books and they were an insight into how women live in other countries.

Both books are true stories,with Jean Sasson writing about the person in her book as told to her.Sunny Jacobs wrote her own book based on her own experiences.Ive started Sunnys book so if time permits I'll put up a short reveiw!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Knitters Exchange Treat!!!

Its arrived, the Parcel from my treater, Random Meanderings, The treats were lovely and Amysue must have read quite a bit of my postings to pick up all my interests!! Take a look...
Theres two balls of so soft Knit Picks Palette wool(Peruvian) in Hyacinth, fine enough for sockies, Havent picked a pattern yet...
Not One BUT three gorgeous magazines which I havent had a chance to pour through yet but the SpinOff edition is actually one Id seen online and am extremely excited to see it!!
Some chocy(Hersheys Sao Tome') which ive managed to hide (so far)!!
Some gorgeous roving which will be interesting to see how the colours emerge!!
Berts Bees Hand cream,my hands really suffer as I usually forget to get my gloves!!!
And lastly ,three lots of patchwork fabric in a garden theme with butterflies ,WOW what can I say...
Cant wait for the next ExChange... Thanks heaps for a thoughtful and exciting parcel ,Amysue!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


This is exciting for me,the White Anzac Bottlebush or Callistemon is at last starting to flower and show some sort of promise in the future of being what I hoped to achieve in this garden bed.Theres a flag pole at top of bed and its here that official ceremonies are performed such as Anzac Day and Remberance Day.Formally full of Aggies it was looking rather sick and the aggies were lime green and didnt flowers as they are capable of doing.They been moved to a new area and are already looking greener and happier!

This gives an idea of their current size,they will, if normal growth occurs,be up to 3 m wide and 1 m high.
These are another Favourite native family of mine,the others being the Grevilleas and of course, the Eremophilias....
Had to add this one,see the bees!!!!! They re hungry,a long dry has had a lot of natives dropping their flower buds so theres a limimted supply of pollen!

And this was my visitor for the day,he came out of the shed,within a few feet as I was having a quick cuppa,he was very fast and very,very cranky,he threw himself at me when I moved!!!

Here he had turned towards me when I followed him out the door mainly to race to my car to get the camera so I could record him for my reptile mad boys!!!!

Hes about 35 to 40cm long,they mature at 50cm and is a Ringed Brown Snake,to be respected as venomous being of the Brown snake family.His big brothers are regard as one of the most poisonous in Australia,I cant remember the family name but will add later.Can you see his tongue flickin out?

That stripe on the nape is actually a bright glowing orange and hes such a beautiful specimum,and fast,we(my other half had called in and found me getting close and personal with my visitor taking these shots) guided him off to a safer part of grounds(for him amd me)

My sons have since conferred and came to the conclusion he could have been a male ruling his territory or a female about to lay eggs,personally I think he had shed his skin as his colour was just so bright. Never the less,the boys were dreadfully dissappointed to have missed out on the visit,LOL,

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Posted a bit of KnitteryContent below this post but to those following the Green sundays!I give you some photos of Flowering Gums ,Cant find theirs names but below is another of an unusual Hakea,forgive the somewhat fuzzy effects but its off my Phone,never have my camera when needed!!!!
I hope some of these flowers are still around for Anzac Day as the student councilers are making their own wreaths agian this year and I will be harvesting native flowers to help make up the extras needed!

A Chocolately Day

Happy Easter to all and may the day be full of Choccy goodness( I managed to knock some my boys eggs or portions of, Off) Cuppa in bed and choccy,hmmmmmm!

Been busy!

Dyed some Shetland,spun some plain as I wanted to dye it spun up to control the colour placements....

Knitted half the Jo Sharp Bolero in Sidar Luxury Soft Cotton,trying to finish it bfore Tuesday week when We have to go to Perth for kids to see a Neurologist as local Doc think the older of two may be developing Petite Mal Epilepsy like No 4 son,family history and all that!

No matter how I try to dress(or the family) I always feel we look like bushies when we go to the big lights,I just hope my bolero will be nice enough(hope its cool enough to use it!)Now get me wrong about being Bushies,its a stand out thing I dont like,I like to remain anonamous, and blend in, as its a place Im not familiar with and with four children in tow,hmmm..... I suppose I could wear my work hat, a Colly Akubra,huge felt hat,now that stands out,Ha Ha Ha

On the up side of trip,I will be within a stones throw from the Crossways Wool Shop in Subiaco!! I will,I will ,I will contrive a visit!!!!

I would love to go to a knitting group,SnB group if I could,anyone know of anything happening in Perth City Centre on the night of 17 18,19th April, though I presume we will be shopping our hearts out at The Galleria Shoping Centre,if not car/ute hunting for No ! son who is hours off getting his Ps,yikes MY SON on the Road WITHOUT me to guide HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have a question(a different topic the one Im here for)

I started this pattern and found I have to make it in two pieces,but I cannot understand the pattern for the second part,it doesnt state the cast on sts for the lace leafy part,Im not bad at decipering patterns but this is bugging me,I ll go to Jo Sharps site and see if theres an alteration to directions.If anyone as made this tea cosy,please let me know how you went with it!! That Navojo plied alpaca wool and mohair is verrry Nice!!

Ive finished a pair of greeny Heirloom socks,humbly they have been sitting around for a while and Ive nearly done with the first of these colourful cabled ones

Sorry to use the same piccie as I havent had time to update a few things,maybe later as its quite windy and cooling off and with that change has come lots of low clouds,so not good for photos,which reminds me that its Green Thumb Sunday too,have to go visit School to check for any damge by naughty kids as all staff are away,may get some wind blown bits there!!!!

Ok off to sort out freshly dyed Shetland top and do a bit more!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Knitters Treat ExChange

Knitters Treat ExChange
Im waiting to see if I was successful in joining this,but I think I was a bit late ,thought that just in case I would post the Questionaire anyway!

Knitters Treat Exchange Questionnaire

1. What's your favourite type of yarn? soft touch wool, especially sock wool (some feel so coarse!)

2. What's your least favourite type of yarn? cheap acrylics,anything harsh

3. What's the first thing you do when you visit a new yarn shop?Check the range and colours usually of natural fibres of all plys, especially 4ply!!!!! And on with the touch test,feel the sensation of beautiful fibres!

4. What other crafts do you do / would like to do? I spin and dye my own wool/fibre,crochet blankets for my boys

5. What magazines do you currently subscribe to? None,buy what I can locally which isnt much but would love to subscribe to Wild Fibres ,Yarn and Simply Knitting

6. Put this type of magazine in order of preference:Knitting / Garden/ Crochet / Other Craft / Food / Home / Fashion / Celebrity Gossip /

7. What items do you like to knit / crochet? Anything but at moment its socks, jumpers and vests and of course dish cloths(and scarves for the Mothers Day Stall at School at moment)

8. Are you allergic to anything? Not really,unwashed alpaca makes me itch,though smoke gives me asthma/hayfever!

9.What do you like to* smell of?(*This is not a typo. The question is: What do you like to smell of) Nice perfume!and other floral fragrances,like lavender,vanilla!

10. What's your favourite way to relax? a good cuppa ,interesting TV show and my latest knitting project (knitting by the local pool in summer,by the fire in winter or on the sunny verandah)
11. You're stood in front of a Victorian style sweetshop, an Italian cafe, an old fashioned bakery and a dainty tea room. Where do you go first? Old fashion bakery ,hmmmm,yum!!!!!

12. What do you come out with? Apple turnover!!!

13. Where do you go next? The Italian Caffe for a Cappuchino(lots of chocy on top) and then the nearest LWS,what bliss!

14. Any other words of wisdom for your pal? Life is to be enjoyed and all gifts given are to be treasured for the thought behind them, (hope that doesnt sound corny), I do love all colours especially varigated ones and enjoy the feel of naturel fibres!

Edited late evening, Well it looks Im in the Exchange,yippee, This is going to be fun.......