Saturday, April 14, 2007


This is exciting for me,the White Anzac Bottlebush or Callistemon is at last starting to flower and show some sort of promise in the future of being what I hoped to achieve in this garden bed.Theres a flag pole at top of bed and its here that official ceremonies are performed such as Anzac Day and Remberance Day.Formally full of Aggies it was looking rather sick and the aggies were lime green and didnt flowers as they are capable of doing.They been moved to a new area and are already looking greener and happier!

This gives an idea of their current size,they will, if normal growth occurs,be up to 3 m wide and 1 m high.
These are another Favourite native family of mine,the others being the Grevilleas and of course, the Eremophilias....
Had to add this one,see the bees!!!!! They re hungry,a long dry has had a lot of natives dropping their flower buds so theres a limimted supply of pollen!

And this was my visitor for the day,he came out of the shed,within a few feet as I was having a quick cuppa,he was very fast and very,very cranky,he threw himself at me when I moved!!!

Here he had turned towards me when I followed him out the door mainly to race to my car to get the camera so I could record him for my reptile mad boys!!!!

Hes about 35 to 40cm long,they mature at 50cm and is a Ringed Brown Snake,to be respected as venomous being of the Brown snake family.His big brothers are regard as one of the most poisonous in Australia,I cant remember the family name but will add later.Can you see his tongue flickin out?

That stripe on the nape is actually a bright glowing orange and hes such a beautiful specimum,and fast,we(my other half had called in and found me getting close and personal with my visitor taking these shots) guided him off to a safer part of grounds(for him amd me)

My sons have since conferred and came to the conclusion he could have been a male ruling his territory or a female about to lay eggs,personally I think he had shed his skin as his colour was just so bright. Never the less,the boys were dreadfully dissappointed to have missed out on the visit,LOL,


  1. Great pic of the snake.....but I must admit I'd be making haste in the opposite direction!!

  2. My bottle brush is starting to form buds here in the UK. I love your white one, mine is red.

  3. Good looking snake, such a pity your boys didn't get to meet him.

  4. I have never seen white bottlebrush before - only red. I have learned something new!! The snake creeps me out - you are one brave lady!!

  5. I love your nature pics. I probably wouldn't have had the snake one, because I'd have been running away. LOL

  6. wonderful pictures. I had never seen white bottlebrush before, either.

  7. You wouldn't get me close enough to take a pic of the snake! We're having rain here today, I'd send some if I could.
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