Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Chocolately Day

Happy Easter to all and may the day be full of Choccy goodness( I managed to knock some my boys eggs or portions of, Off) Cuppa in bed and choccy,hmmmmmm!

Been busy!

Dyed some Shetland,spun some plain as I wanted to dye it spun up to control the colour placements....

Knitted half the Jo Sharp Bolero in Sidar Luxury Soft Cotton,trying to finish it bfore Tuesday week when We have to go to Perth for kids to see a Neurologist as local Doc think the older of two may be developing Petite Mal Epilepsy like No 4 son,family history and all that!

No matter how I try to dress(or the family) I always feel we look like bushies when we go to the big lights,I just hope my bolero will be nice enough(hope its cool enough to use it!)Now get me wrong about being Bushies,its a stand out thing I dont like,I like to remain anonamous, and blend in, as its a place Im not familiar with and with four children in tow,hmmm..... I suppose I could wear my work hat, a Colly Akubra,huge felt hat,now that stands out,Ha Ha Ha

On the up side of trip,I will be within a stones throw from the Crossways Wool Shop in Subiaco!! I will,I will ,I will contrive a visit!!!!

I would love to go to a knitting group,SnB group if I could,anyone know of anything happening in Perth City Centre on the night of 17 18,19th April, though I presume we will be shopping our hearts out at The Galleria Shoping Centre,if not car/ute hunting for No ! son who is hours off getting his Ps,yikes MY SON on the Road WITHOUT me to guide HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have a question(a different topic the one Im here for)

I started this pattern and found I have to make it in two pieces,but I cannot understand the pattern for the second part,it doesnt state the cast on sts for the lace leafy part,Im not bad at decipering patterns but this is bugging me,I ll go to Jo Sharps site and see if theres an alteration to directions.If anyone as made this tea cosy,please let me know how you went with it!! That Navojo plied alpaca wool and mohair is verrry Nice!!

Ive finished a pair of greeny Heirloom socks,humbly they have been sitting around for a while and Ive nearly done with the first of these colourful cabled ones

Sorry to use the same piccie as I havent had time to update a few things,maybe later as its quite windy and cooling off and with that change has come lots of low clouds,so not good for photos,which reminds me that its Green Thumb Sunday too,have to go visit School to check for any damge by naughty kids as all staff are away,may get some wind blown bits there!!!!

Ok off to sort out freshly dyed Shetland top and do a bit more!!!!

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