Friday, April 27, 2007

Some Progress

I've managed to finish a patonyle sock while in Perth(only grafted the toe when I got home as needed a memory boost to remember the sequence) but Ive found Im short about 5 rows in foot length so my Mum will score a another pair of socks for Mums Day.
I love knitting with Patonyle as its so soft and knits well with 2.25mm needles! Maybe Patons will increase the colours and patterns a bit more if their popularity increases! I have some red stashed away as its not available anymore and am hoarding it for special,very special, patterns,I usually check Ebay as thats where I found the 6 or balls came from!
Havent done any spinning and wished I could find the peace and time to jump on but have settled into knitting the various UFOs hidden in several Bags.As well there's 6 balls of turquoise yarn sent by KOGO for scarves and beanies,charity knitting of course! I bought some baby wool to make some Premi sized baby things for another one,Knit4 Charity.
I didnt realise how difficult it was to find the small sizes! i think Ill be able to calculate to go down a size or two anyway!

Oh I spent ten mins in LWS on Friday and walked out with this bundle (saw Donnas new project and thought what a great between season item)not sure if it will work as the original yarn is a DK but its worked on 5mm needles so the finished top must be fairly soft!

Anyhow Im going to try it with Zivargo,with slightly longer sleeves though.....Ha Ha Ha ,I have so many UFO's,Hubby doesn't even comment anymore....
The weather is still gorgeous during the day but by late afternoon and night its nearly frosting already! My face was still pink yesterday from working in it at 5.30am blowing the school and I couldn t get warm last night after returning from a farewell dinner for a local, leaving for the big smoke. It should give me incentive at least to finish the Central Park Hoodie as Hockey is about to start too,brrrrr!

Oh ,heres another UFO, done(though ends need doing as usaul,with weather rapidly cooling id better get this one to its new owner!)

And some new reading,Im not sure about the Stolen Time one but thought it will be thought provoking at the least....and the Jean Sasson book should great,Ive read some of her previous books and they were an insight into how women live in other countries.

Both books are true stories,with Jean Sasson writing about the person in her book as told to her.Sunny Jacobs wrote her own book based on her own experiences.Ive started Sunnys book so if time permits I'll put up a short reveiw!

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  1. he preemies, have a look at patterns for cabbage patch dolls. There are quite a few and the usually fit.