Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Knitters Exchange Treat!!!

Its arrived, the Parcel from my treater, Random Meanderings, The treats were lovely and Amysue must have read quite a bit of my postings to pick up all my interests!! Take a look...
Theres two balls of so soft Knit Picks Palette wool(Peruvian) in Hyacinth, fine enough for sockies, Havent picked a pattern yet...
Not One BUT three gorgeous magazines which I havent had a chance to pour through yet but the SpinOff edition is actually one Id seen online and am extremely excited to see it!!
Some chocy(Hersheys Sao Tome') which ive managed to hide (so far)!!
Some gorgeous roving which will be interesting to see how the colours emerge!!
Berts Bees Hand cream,my hands really suffer as I usually forget to get my gloves!!!
And lastly ,three lots of patchwork fabric in a garden theme with butterflies ,WOW what can I say...
Cant wait for the next ExChange... Thanks heaps for a thoughtful and exciting parcel ,Amysue!


  1. What a gorgeous parcel! Now you just need to sneak off somewhere quiet with the mags and the chocolate, get comfortable and have a read. You'll love Spin Off, I'm sweating on mine arriving!
    Talk soon :-)

  2. I'm so glad you liked it all!!! I had fun putting it together. Have fun in the garden(s)!

  3. What a great package. That Spin Off mag looks like it's perfect for you, spinning, socks and dyeing all in one mag!

  4. What a fabulous package. I'm sure you are going to have fun with your roving, and a good tea or coffee, your mags and a chocky or two, what more could a girl want.