Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Cool weekend

I mean cool,and certainly happy that Fluffa didnt get shorn last week! Drizzly rain and cool wind.The temp was 16 on the kitchen window so it would hav ebeen cooler out!! Fluffa fluff was stuck everywhere,giggle,and he wanted to come indoors much to Tillys disgust!

And with all this lovely cool weather? I havent picked up sticks or spun at all,weell I was in Kal yesty getting some Xmas shopping done and a suit for my son for his grad from year 10,nice classy black one with a gorgeous microfibre shirt and lovely two tone satin pink tye just because his partner is wearing pale pink. Have to organise a Corsage yet. The drama of the day convincing him to try a pair of normal dress shoes, not the pointy ones that are so popular just normal ones.."NoMum I aint wearing those gay shoes" was the firm response and after a tense ten minutes(Son No 1 was on the phone wanting me to get to bike shop to get a rather expensive half link chain for his new pushy, 2 minutes before shop closed and I was ten minutes from there rr Kids!!anyhoo,mum won and the shoes came home to be glared at..Photos when the big occasion comes up.....
And today I just chilled and did as little as possible as I have a busy week ahead.

Ive picked the patterns for the teachers gifts but have to finish Dads Campfire socks first,knit in some bargain Cleckheaton Country Naturals, a sandy colour for $2 a ball,they hada lovely dark royal blue this week for same price but resisted,wished I had grabbed some,Mum would have liked them...
Teachers gifts are...( Im picking 3 of these)
VoodooWrist Warmers
Princess Mitts
Cabled Fingerless
Symmetrical Braided Gautlets
Spring Beret
I did think about another pattern on Ravelry that buttons under the pony tail and may do it yet.I visited Wool shop yesty and bought 2 balls of Sensation in pal blue and 4 balls of Heirloom 8ply in ice pink which i think may go to Sams Aide as wrist armers as she also sits in the cold watching hockey etc so thought she may appreciate them,they'll be done after Dads socks.
Im off,have to get things ready forthe week ahead!

Monday, November 03, 2008

I was taking today off as a true sicky as I have the flu with bad ears etc but my assistant is off for rest of week with a nasty condition so I had to go to work...5.30am...I got to pay ten bucks for a nice luncheon however, put on by the office staff and a $5 entry in a sweep which I have no idea which horse I drew! I practically sat alone,couldnt hear much anyway,LOL but I think I somehow looked a tad out of the water with my work clothes among the nicer outfits adorning several/most staff..... Im hoping the red dust in my hair didnt show..I know there was some dry bottle brush flowers, found tghem after when I got home,ha ha ha!!
I feel crap but the light on the horizon is that finally Ive started that Top Down cardigan from Pure And Simple in Smoothie DK, the red orangey grey varigated colour!! Im about 2 inches into it and loving it. Smoothie although and an acrylic,yucky,I know but I figured bugs wont touch it and it may be just right for those days where a light cover would suffice...piccies a bit further down the track!!
Im still looking at that Polwarth /silk top,only two batts,come on girly get it done!! Crikeys,you can start that chocolate fleece and the shawl with the polwarth.....
The Swap item is done a dusted,need to wrap and post tomorrow...
Ok am off to wash that dust and flowers out,heads going round and round..have docs shortly to sign off on that Worker comp thingy,boy not doing that again, do the right thing and get backstabbed AND get a phone call from a "long lost boyfriend" who was sent my medical certificate for some reson at Curtin Uni,took him a week to work out the birth date was wrong,talk about invasion of privicy ,he has ALL my medical and personal details to do with this claim.I got a message on phone for an apology....

Im still here ,had another godawful day,dont know why, it was great,had the gardens to myself but somehow feel Ive stepped on toes somewhere? or something,just didnt feel welcome ,maybe Im reading something thats not there.I really like one new staffy,hes up front and with some wonderful ideas for the students,hope hes here next year!! Theres some interesting plans afoot,I made amistake of mentioning a couple to offsider and was poo- parred, Im learning not to say anything,keep 'em guessing!!!

Anyway got home and had a brief visitor and she left me this and box of Choccies as thankyou for helping with a difficult assignment,that was reallly nice after a Sh**t of a day,thanks B!!
A close up!!!
I rarely get roses....and I definitely feel better now!!