Sunday, May 23, 2010

Winters nearly here

The weekend was strange,warmish with a hint of cold to come,the wind blew last night and snuck under the front door near where I was sitting trying gamely to lodge my latest Uni assignments,one went through quickly but the other was beauty at 47 MB reduced to 46000 KB,my limit is 10BM so hopping it went through and was accepted,took ages to load site let alone get to the tick page.Ill find out this morning..
Home with two sick boys and im hacking up a lung,lost the first on Saturday..So Im going to lay low ,clean up a bit and get some sort of order back into this pigstye,and even get a gecko into my stash to see if I can rehome some as boys are cutting up rough about the lack of space,hmmm,its hard to let go when you can see the possibilities..
To eleviate stress levels,I managed to spin up three skeins,a gorgeous yellow grey mix and then some Diamond dog,havent taken photos yet but will put the yellow one here in its top form later.Im planning the King of Confidence and yes Im boring as Im going for the original colourway but only because I have a kilo of farm wool from Aunty J she had processed and gave to me last time I visited,hope it looks ok,Ill drag it out later.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Been busy

Ive been so busy with full time work and full time uni study,I didnt think it was until I found the definition on the Uni site a couple of days ago! I can do it,and Im having fun draggin out the interlectural bits from the grey matter!!!
I thought I had only a week left to do my 2000 word essay plus the pracs including print plates using the collogragh technique, but got my dates mixxed up,Ill be spening Mums Day playing with some experimental bits on printing and now I have some colours it will be terrifically fun. On the down side my spinning and knitting has been severely affected but I still costing along.trouble with this lap top for some unknown reason is pissing me off as it tells me every now and then that the computer is closing down to save damage and now it wont let me upload photos onto my Project page on Ravelry or Flickr,I can go one of the other 'puters and do it there,thankfully the photos are still on the camera card and I wont transfer bugs
Heres a shawllette I did for my lovely Neighbours Bday! Woohoo it worked so Ill put some more on!!
A horrid one of me but at least you can see the colour !!S... loved it and Id like to do a lacy one later for her before they leave next door!
I used a ball of handdyed Patonyle and 4.5 mm needles and the pattern is of course the" Just enough Ruffles"
And this is Multnomah I couldnt be bothered checking spelling,will be back....ok I did and its ok Now this found its way over the big sea to Karrie for the ISE8 Swap.. by all accounts she has loved it as much I love what she sent me!! See below
Now this is the fantastic shawl scarf that I was so lucky to recieve from Karrie as part of the ISE8  for this year,its soft and my fav colours and lovely to wrap around my neck,she cleverly checked out my Rav page and found Batkis on my wish list queue.She very kindly spoilt me with not only this but a knitting book, "More Sentaional Knitted socks" and some great sock DPD end protectors,looked these on the net before but never got to buy any!!Thanks Karrie it was wonderful doing this round and I look forward to participating in the next round!!!