Sunday, May 23, 2010

Winters nearly here

The weekend was strange,warmish with a hint of cold to come,the wind blew last night and snuck under the front door near where I was sitting trying gamely to lodge my latest Uni assignments,one went through quickly but the other was beauty at 47 MB reduced to 46000 KB,my limit is 10BM so hopping it went through and was accepted,took ages to load site let alone get to the tick page.Ill find out this morning..
Home with two sick boys and im hacking up a lung,lost the first on Saturday..So Im going to lay low ,clean up a bit and get some sort of order back into this pigstye,and even get a gecko into my stash to see if I can rehome some as boys are cutting up rough about the lack of space,hmmm,its hard to let go when you can see the possibilities..
To eleviate stress levels,I managed to spin up three skeins,a gorgeous yellow grey mix and then some Diamond dog,havent taken photos yet but will put the yellow one here in its top form later.Im planning the King of Confidence and yes Im boring as Im going for the original colourway but only because I have a kilo of farm wool from Aunty J she had processed and gave to me last time I visited,hope it looks ok,Ill drag it out later.

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