Saturday, June 12, 2010

Its me again

Hmm as per usual I havent been very active,work study and other nasty things have gotten in the way!I have a reasonably small or should I say two small uni assignments due,hubbys not happy with it taking time away from him but really by Monday things will ease up a little,Ill pace myself this time and have things done in better time.The trouble this time is that I lost track of the week numbers and dates,week 1 study period is hard to work out when theres no actual date to correlate with,hence last wednesday night I discovered that I had two of the buggers due this sunday night(well really 9am monday).Three nights to do 3 weeks work...after a mini break down (heap of stress at work didnt help) I had a good look and discovered with the aide of an RDO I could manage enough to pass.That sounded great,except I came down with the flu again after a bout of bronchitus which I havent really gotten over yet(early frozen mornings havent helped there!) So coughing and squarking Im nearly there,just some artist research and a bit of additional drawing bits and I should be done hopefully not at 2am in the morn this time.
Hey I can still draw,Id been putting off the practise stuff anyway but when forced to do something it was exciting and relieving that I could create something beyond childish squibbles,well it is more HS stuff but Im happy and everyone Ive nervously shown have nothing but praise but maybe they re being polite,LOL When Ive dropped assignment Ill give myself a few days to catch up and post a couple here,even if to keep a record in case the house burns down!
I went to Toodyay again this year,drove all the way down on my lonesome,listened to the radio,ABC,all the way and only put some music on briefly,except for being nearly wiped out by a sleepy truck driver and an annoying squeek under the car(I think it was the pads on the brakes as Id just had struts and shocks replaced or gravel may have gotten in there when I pressure cleaned the old girl the day before) The trucky pulled over I noticed, after I passed him, and just as well,I only passed him(he was coasting at 90kms) after another small truck went , he came right over the white line to the point I was looking for the best bit of scrub to aim for so I didnt roll,not a great road that bit, the bitumen is broken edged and the road fairly narrow.
Well I made it to spend a brilliant weekend with heaps of wonderful people all knitters and spinners,the yarnmarket was awesome as usual,I came away with 3 skeins of SeaWool,Somoko (I think I got Renaissance),a pile of Casbah destined for gifts, a couple of BFL sock yarn, and an early Bday pressie in the form of a Deluxe Knit Pics set,Im aiming to get the Wooden version at Chrissy! While there I finished off my Mums hat,Wurm, to go with her ruffles scarf, started a small shawl by the wonderful Anne(Knitting Inspirations),spun the first bobbin of Southern Cross Fibres,"Hunter Valley",finished off my Assymetrical top,yet to wear it but hopefully soon as its so warm and soft in merino silk handspun! Oh and did a failed run on my pushbike that my darling boys had done something to,the expert in the group apparently said it was not good and "dangerous", wish he had told me,LOL,it would have been an excuse to stay and knit with the girls instead of embarrassing myself,I still think my left lung is hitching lift back! Never mind Ill have a think depending on the result from bike shop in Kal,whether to fix it up and flog it and buy a better one or just keep it for the occassional use!
The best part of the trip was catching up with my dearest friend who had moved down there some time ago,I got the guided tour of their block and awesome it was,wish I had more time to sketch some of the wonderful boulders in a richly texture landscape sort of drawing! Maybe next time!! there a possibility I may get to go down in the next few months to spend a UFO weekend at Avon Valley Homestead,the host are friendly and brilliant,I look forward to doing it again!

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