Friday, July 09, 2010

More stash and another two assignments!!

Ive been so busy lately,Heaps of works on Uni assignments from drawing to sewing molas,all fun but leads to no spare time,I shouldnt even be on here but thought a little time out would be nice.
I added to the stash quite significantly and I havent put it all on Rav yet,but theres enough for 4 more socks pairs,a Malabrigo Shawl,Citron,when I get time, in Cactus Flower,my god this stuff is seriously addictive,so soft !! I saw a lovely lady knitting the shawl at Toodyay in probably the same colour and after making a trip online to Webs, well it was in the bag along with some Sugarloaf from Valley yarns for a Jo Sharp Vest that was originaly designed for Ultra,this substitute is very much cheaper at around $4 a ball and has a lovely feel in the wool tencil composition

I have to knit a wee hat of some kind on request for a little girl thatll be in some pink sensation I nabbed last week,the last 4 balls in the shop,there was lady eyeing it off and I wanted to do a pink wurm for me after doing one in pale ball for Mum, I think I ll do the Meret hat from WoollyWormhead...
This some merino handyed from a lovely person in the Bday Group on Rav
I have soooo many projects I want to do,I even started another shawl out of some spindled wool,Yes Ive mastered that too!! Ok Ide better go but Ill leave with a photo of the foggy morning we had last week!It was -7 at Norseman...

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