Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last hours of freedom

Well its feels like it...
Tuesday Im in to get this retched arm fixed,six weeks off work in a splint for god knows how long,no knitting sewing or motor bike for a fair part of this time..I can see an aweful lot of TV,Books and web browsing,maybe property shopping? it seems a lot of my close aquaintences are also deserting this part of the woods.
Today I went into town for Son 3 to play Hockey but they mixed up the times and he missed out,he was mortified of course and DH was not happy with that p[oint of veiw,well I suppose its like arriving dressed up for a special day to discover it wasnt so and everyone else was in jeans,been there done that and Ill never get caught again..
Anyhow Son 1 was racing for the first time so we went out to track to find him absolutley nackered,they race the circuit for 15 minutes full on,hes got a Kwaka 450 and theres a lot of power under that seat,he went back and raced again and out of a field of 20 odd he got 7th place as they go through flag but I m not sure about the final placing,I think he did so well but scary as hell for a Mum who lost a brother roughly his age on a bike.Watching them take off and come together at the first turn is just undescribable,I saw him through and it was just all go from there.One rider was hit in the face with a rock and pulled out straight away,a lot of blood dripping down his face,half way through another two riders went down,one went away in the Ambulance with probably two broken ribs while a friends son came a big buster and lost bits of his bike,secretly I though he still looked a bit shaken at end of race though he and his younger brother were up the front across the line..
My boy in his Aussie colours with Son3 next to him

Lining up at the starting line
And they re away!

Im very not likely to ride this track but it doesnt stop me thinking about it,a casual ride mind you certainly not the racing kind.....

Knitting I doing well with citron,about to start the second ball,

and the SCF vest Ive taken the plunge and stuck to the 5mm needles,cast on for the medium size on 4.5mm but Im looking at it being a bit loose so by increasing as per small size Ill be able to keep it closer to fit by continuing on with the small size.I dearly hope I dont have to frog but its a fairly easy,no!! casual knit and a great TV or radio knit,I can almost knit it without looking,the colours are beautiful and knit eough last night to see a bit of dazzling blue slip though..

Anyhow I fly off tomorrow to be in Perth for the pre-op and into day clinic on Tuesday for 11am...scared,you bet I am..I havent had anymore info from Docs except the appointment and they never sent though the file with all I need so i dearly hope alls good as the insurance peoples will not be happy if I land down there with Hubby in tow as carer.Aparently I m to stay in the big city for 5 days maybe 7 for follow up,I have some wonderful Ravelry pals coming to my creative rescue probably on Saturday for a meet up,I know its going to be cruel to watch everyone else knit,Im wondering if the fine lace will be ok if I dont move the left wrist?
One more of that lovely Corriedale
Ive used my little Kodak so it not as clear as the Canon but feeling lazy,it was closer that the big one...
I dont think Ill be back here for a week or so but as I said before I do have the link from my phone,depends how bored I get ")

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last free day

Its my last day,although Anzac Day is a public holiday I do still veiw it as part of my break..lots of shuffling and trying to finish off projects before next week.I have two days of work and if all according to plan Im off to the big city for the chop,I just hope they can sew as good as me(maybe a bit better,LOL)
Its the first time I going to have something more than just a coupl of sts for a cut etc,Im truely hoping this will fix my some what debiliating injury from last year.I sometimes feel that hand is there for good looks not purpose,it doesnt do as its told more and more so the charming Dr Ecker is hopefully of a 98% recovery.
Anyhow Im running around trying to get ready to go back to work however briefly,get the boys organised for back to school and then set things up for next week when big brothers are taking time off to care for the house and siblings, which will be funny in itself.
Knitting: I got to the point of deciding that I will continue on with Citron and use up the second ball,it should be more a wrap that Knecklet
Havent done any more on those socks,though will pack it in case I can do some gentle finger stuff,yer right,books maybe the thing or maybe some fine sewing theres no weight there...which is something not on my list,round off the cottons and find the needles..
Ive also cast on that SCF too,doing an 8 ply round kneck,hopefully the slightly lower sts count will allow a looser fit..
I cast on the Mink yarn from Charlie while in Dubbo and started a plain shawl which I will end in a pattern of some find,its like cotton to knit,theres not much give and very fluffy and aslo shreds,rather funny snuffling and carrying on at the airport with fluff floating around and sticking to nose
Spinning..I finally got Irish Pub out of Victorias Bag (Louet) and finishing spinning the second baggie and plied last night,its been skeined and washed and now dry next to me,very fine,somewhere around 250 to 300 metres,now on the hunt for either a pattern for it alone or I'll dye up some BFL and a pattern for a two tone,Stephen West has some beauties..this one? or maybe this one,me thinks last one would be nice...
Its about a light fingering and being BFL plus bunny from memory i wouldnt want it near kneck too much but a drapey shawl would be excellent,thinking a dark grey or an aubergine as the background or contrast.The pic below is pretty close.
Well I better go keep organising..........

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Garden update

Ive just finished tidying up the back yard to the extent I could,DH bits and kids bits are still there but the lawns trimmed where the mower would deign to go,even the rabbits fav haunt got a border trim,Ive pulled a bit of lawn from the middle of vegie patch and planted more peas though couldnt find any snowpeas in the seed barrel so might sneak some home from nurserry next time.I also squeazed in some of our own Western Red carrots and a line of parsnips,havent had much luck with them before and Im still debating if I can get a few swedes in..
Three weeks ago?

As of today it looks like this..

Some individual shots...

So far everythings going super!
Spinning I finished the SCF Enchanted tops,Im hoping to start knitting very soon...
Very pretty and although it spun quite fine its plumped up to a good worsted weight so Im hoping the paatern from The Flowers Book will be ok..this one I think the round neck vest though the cardigans look good too and I think i ahve enough yarn

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back Home

Im home after 10 days,I rather enjoyed just being by myself and sorting out the trip,finding the right gate and not having to worry about some one elses comfort.
I flew out from kalgoorlie at 8am Easter Monday,arrived in Perth at 9.05am,after a brief wait I was aboard the 767 to Sydney,arriving there at about 3 to 4 pm?,two hours difference in time makes it a bit confusing but anyway waited three hours and then off to Dubbo on the 7.15 flight on the De Haviland 8-300?.
After sorting out the little car I had booked ,Holden Barina, white,must get the details right,lol., I followed my Aunty back to Mothers house as I hadnt been there before,it was 8.30pm. I was certainly feeling jet lag,tired etc,fortuately the airline,Qantus link had snack and tea/coffees, for the food stalls in Sydney AP were disgusting actually the whole airport I saw was scuffy,we wont mention the loos and broken bits...most of the passengers on my flight were shoppers and business peoples but a lot of those on the flights to Moree etc were definitely cattle peoples(Royal Easter Show),cowboy boots and hats,it was like being home again,sort disapointed a few didnt get on my plane (there was an improvement with the flight out,had a wonderful conversation with a fello heading to Munich for something to do with horses,therapy or some such,turned out he knew a good friend of mine,small world,I wish him good travels,wish I was in his pocket too....)
Anyhow got to see most of family there,spent a couple wonderful days with those of like minded persutes like sewing, embroidery gardening,knitting and spinning,dont forgets chooks and pregnant ewes,(they were certainly big girls,should have taken more pics but hey i was too busy enjoying the I wish we lived closer.It was so nice to see friendly faces and harmony as opposed to that in the other camp...Inspired I managed to get into Spotlight yes I know that shop,but if compared to what I have access to over here? bliss,I stocked up on some new bits,needles fabric beads and so on...

See no wool? wow how did I mange,but I did find another little shop run by a a rather off putting manager,I was told late that she was a bit scary,she actually put me off going in but there was a lovely little stitchery in the came home....the wool in Spotlioght was surprisingly good and nearly picked up some Cleakheaton Tweed but thought if I could afford a few extra dollars I rather support the local shop here as if we dnt it will also disapear like so many good ones in Kalgoorlie...
Im off to Perth agin on Monday and hope to raid the art shop(some yummy oils I saw last time) and Spotlight if the doctors on time.11.15 appointment with flying out at 4pm should give me an hour I hope....
At Spotlight on the last day i found some gorgeous Japanese lawn,really wanted the poppy print but the bit I got was $17 a metre and 2.5m in the two I picked I had to be sensible,I wasnt sure if i could wear it...the button fabric is another project I have in mind..more on it when I can find the right bits and bobs..heres a similiar pattern to what I have though I think mine have more flowiness,thinking 3/4 sleeves for transeasonal weather to wear with jeans etc, saw this pattern and id bought one in a marvelous colourway of denim,dk red and ochre,might add it to list too

Also came across a lovely gallery in Talbragar St too but didnt get back there,gorgeous pair of earrings handmade Im presuming,silver flowers with a pearl in the middle,really regret not getting them.Even had DH organsied to give them to boys as Mums Days gift for me....might call them to see if they still have them...
Mother has a nice house though had I been buying I would have looked further as Ive seen nicer pretty ones for less money and hopefully from the well cared for appearance less maintenance greatest joy while there was watching these little fellos buzzing around...

I saw the daddy bird on the Tuesday morning but only his hareem was present for the rest of my stay,love blue wrens!!One day I shall have a full bushy green garden in a place where these would come and live.
We had a marvelous morning tea at the Olive Grove nursery though I though the food selection was lacking,the scones I had, if dropped, would break your foot,there was potential for imporvement,its an enterprise I would love to run,,,I did resist the urge to give them my own scone recipie,lol
My whole time there was divided up into visiting family and taking Mother shopping,she doesnt know how to assimilate into town life and I dont know if she ever will,trying to sit and relax while at the coffee shop was a sheer feat,having that cuppa was just another job.Dh and I have a Saturday routine of a coffee at the little shop near Woolies before getting groceries etc,our town is small and very little in the way of relaxation venues but we try otherwise we would just shrivel up and die of the everydaydom of this dusty little nickel town. No way am I driving to Kal just for a coffe even if I can go to nurseries tec,Bunnings might be fun,LOL)
I did wizz off to do a few jobs DH and I had discussed so I was able to go to various places and do lots of window shopping too(thats where I saw those earings...)
Anyway my trip home was a thrill in itself,the flight from Dubbo to Sydney was delayed by half an hour so when it touched down,I had about 8 minutes to make the Perth connection and run I did with the boarding sign showing up on the display when I finally found the stair way up through security(they didnt batt an eyelid at my sock needles!!!!!!!!!). There were about 20 people still going into the tunnel onto the Airbus 330, so made the split decision to back track to loo and still made it to load plane ,I think I was third last on the plane....
In Perth we were then delayed again due to our 737 being stuck on the wrong side of the tarmac,airtraffic control wouldnt let them tow it over for us to get on,it didnt bother me as I knew Id still get to fly home lol even if a bit late.Only problem I had was that Dh had bought some dinner for us to share and he was waiting at the Kal airport with it while I was still in the terminal in Perth...we were eventually able to board but told not to put seat belts on as they wer still fueling up,huh? thought that was risky..anyhow that done we are set when one on the stewards discovered that a luggage compartment door had a broken hinge so another 20 minutes roughly(it felt like it) and half a roll of duct tape (which I suggested) and we on the run way with much applause!!
The one of the best parts(on top of family) of my trip away was being able to readjust and rethink the future (Mother slept in til ten or eleven most days) ,and of course get so much done on four projects I took with me.I have soo many ideas but the downside is that Im not happy to stay where I am now..
Citris Shawl,nearly done though I will extend it a bit past original pattern

.New Shawl,got this to the stage of the lace edging

The Spiral Socks
The Atilier,no pics but I did complete a sleeve,one sleeve and body to go...
Started a Shawl from Charleys Mink but no pics yet
This was my knitting spot...

These came with Mother from my childhood home,it was a delight to seat myself on them like I presume my Grandmother did so many years ago..I often wonder what she would have thought of me with the strong handiwork gene runing my veins like my Aunty and Cousins

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Got this idea from Knitorious and thought why not

Knitting...  Citrus shawl,got lost ripped back and now into third section,will pack it for my trip
Atilier,sitting there looking at me
Another Hoodie in Rowan red tweed,hiatus for two years and fell in love with it last night as I packed my bag,it will be my work knitting project me thinks
Spinning 2 more of these

Listening to... boys being pesky

Thinking about...what I have to do today,mow lawn,finish washing  and packing

Dreading... the mess when I get home and going back to work

Planning... my last days off and upcoming surgery and wondering if I can finish some UFOs before then...

Excited about... flying tomorrow,a great book and Magazine,the latest IK and my peas up are and the broard beens are just pushing through too
And hopefully the shallots will be growing well by the time I get back!

Humming... Ball and Biscuit by White Stripes I love the beat and the fact this is  two people band can produce such music.

Drinking... Tea from a pot made the traditonal way

Itching to... knit

Needing to... organise myself

Organizing....the family who ignore me anyway

 Inspired by... all the people I visited this morning in the blogging world

Delighted by.the warm wind gently moving through the door

Recording...the last few hours with my family before I fly away for 10 days tomorrow

What's up w/you?
Ive downloaded the Blogger for my Phone but not sure if I will post while Im away but Im sure there ll be heaps to tell when I return either way!
Have a Happy Easter and enjoy the choccies!!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

garden update!!

The gardens going well,I had a look around McBrides nursery on Wednesday while gathering a few things for work and found some Shallots on special so grabbed two punnets,never grown them before but looking at the web Ive got some confidence in getting to harvest or propgation,either way its fun to be working in the garden again,big hopes of maintaining this push right through to spring so the summer garden bed will be easy and productive to some point if only for sanity!
Even Fluffa Bunny approves......
The garden at the moment,the stock planted has transplanted well with only one sugar loaf looking a bit sickly,hopefully a warm few days will help there,the silver beet well its easy and the beetroot is also going well and the leaves are standing up and getting bigger,after washing out some peas yesty (by accident) they are germinating and I hope to see some green shoots before I leave on Monday morning,the boys will be given strict practical instruction how to water without drowning or killing anything...
Its quite chilly today and I think the cool snap that came through last night will probably follow me over east so Im trying to get the pink vest done today,just have one sleeve to do and I can tie off and sew in ends and wash and block, it will need blocking to pull the frillyness of the edges out but couldnt do it anyother way due to the small neck opening,Ive modified the pattern as the original was apparently a bit more chunky but Ill try to take note of what Ive doen and will makeanother for work in Clinker,heaps of black stashed away unless I do a jumper,me thinks a vest will be more usefull for when its cold only an over coat will do but a vest ill wear much more with our long Springs and Autums. No picks yet,maybe tomorrow ")

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My night off

Its nearly time for bed well it feels like,count down to when I board the big hairy plane and whizz over to Mother,hate the idea of leaving my boys behind but Im sure it will be a lovely wake up call on how much I do for them,they have to contend with Daddy,the Grumpy One.
The last time I went away for a period of time 6 days I think,Mums clearing sale,he refused to wash if the clothes werent in front of the machine,they recyled well apparently
Anyway Ive just learnt more about Office Word in making up a pamplet for Son no 4 for STIs,he had a search for images to go with it and the images were enough to make ones tummy uneasy,gruesome is the best decription,even S. was lets say uttering applicable oaths,boy he can swear for a kid with a learning disability
In short we talked about it and I did it up,took 45 mins and his assignments done,do hope the teacher understands his shortcomings,I "did" one another son a while ago and he neglected to tell me it wa in report form,oops,I cant do reports,but his teacher was quick to return with big words "this is NOT a report" then told B how to do it,he took the original changed it and bingo its gone with the promise of a pass,want to for the cost of the place...
Anyhow back to my heading,my only real night off for the whole week,up at 5.15am,rattle a few sangas and bits and bobs together for the schoolies,throw a half bottle of milk into my soft esky into back pack with a fav Bike mag,Classic Bike Australasia,a knitting project and off to work on my trusty steed,the Yammy 200.They took my fridge last year and gave it to the other person so my shoulders pay the price of carrying a load to and from work each least I get peace in my office, dark corner. 9 hours later I pack up again a tear off home,today I had an errand to do but got home not too late to find an email from insurance peoples who tried to tell me I live not at this address..WTF? Lets see how my reply works,I dont like giving out my address when Im pretty sure they had it in the first place and that I think they re trying to put it over me,considering they have to pay for another air ticket I dont blame them but Doctors orders.
Anyway I have about 20 rows to finish the back of the pink vest,Abalone is sitting there looking me while Ive gone off on another tangent,the SeaShell Cowl  on Ravelry,I could pinch a photo but I couldnt be cruel to the designer,gorgeous though with Kid silk haze and madeltosh tosh light,2 balls of each,I already have a ball of the marmelaide colour with the Rowan kid,I think dark grey for the tosh,so I need one more ball of the marmelaide and two of the Tosh!
Its looking pretty good,a few Sugar loafs are a bit sad but I torn a couple apart in their punnets,hopefully theyll perk up before I go!!
still working on that top
still looking at four pairs of jeans to chop and hem
Now Im off to watch a bit of TV and spinning before I die in bed...
Ok lastly a puzzle
Son did a job for a person,that person gave my DH $100 to give to said Son,now DH got Son to do a job for him for $100,now Son gave me a $100 to help me pay for hire car,I gave it to Hubby to pay him to put sterio in Cruiser,so then DH then passed to Son for doing the assembly,said son is now confused and thinks hes missed out on on $100.
Can anyone work it out and understand?