Saturday, April 21, 2012

Garden update

Ive just finished tidying up the back yard to the extent I could,DH bits and kids bits are still there but the lawns trimmed where the mower would deign to go,even the rabbits fav haunt got a border trim,Ive pulled a bit of lawn from the middle of vegie patch and planted more peas though couldnt find any snowpeas in the seed barrel so might sneak some home from nurserry next time.I also squeazed in some of our own Western Red carrots and a line of parsnips,havent had much luck with them before and Im still debating if I can get a few swedes in..
Three weeks ago?

As of today it looks like this..

Some individual shots...

So far everythings going super!
Spinning I finished the SCF Enchanted tops,Im hoping to start knitting very soon...
Very pretty and although it spun quite fine its plumped up to a good worsted weight so Im hoping the paatern from The Flowers Book will be ok..this one I think the round neck vest though the cardigans look good too and I think i ahve enough yarn

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