Friday, April 20, 2012

Back Home

Im home after 10 days,I rather enjoyed just being by myself and sorting out the trip,finding the right gate and not having to worry about some one elses comfort.
I flew out from kalgoorlie at 8am Easter Monday,arrived in Perth at 9.05am,after a brief wait I was aboard the 767 to Sydney,arriving there at about 3 to 4 pm?,two hours difference in time makes it a bit confusing but anyway waited three hours and then off to Dubbo on the 7.15 flight on the De Haviland 8-300?.
After sorting out the little car I had booked ,Holden Barina, white,must get the details right,lol., I followed my Aunty back to Mothers house as I hadnt been there before,it was 8.30pm. I was certainly feeling jet lag,tired etc,fortuately the airline,Qantus link had snack and tea/coffees, for the food stalls in Sydney AP were disgusting actually the whole airport I saw was scuffy,we wont mention the loos and broken bits...most of the passengers on my flight were shoppers and business peoples but a lot of those on the flights to Moree etc were definitely cattle peoples(Royal Easter Show),cowboy boots and hats,it was like being home again,sort disapointed a few didnt get on my plane (there was an improvement with the flight out,had a wonderful conversation with a fello heading to Munich for something to do with horses,therapy or some such,turned out he knew a good friend of mine,small world,I wish him good travels,wish I was in his pocket too....)
Anyhow got to see most of family there,spent a couple wonderful days with those of like minded persutes like sewing, embroidery gardening,knitting and spinning,dont forgets chooks and pregnant ewes,(they were certainly big girls,should have taken more pics but hey i was too busy enjoying the I wish we lived closer.It was so nice to see friendly faces and harmony as opposed to that in the other camp...Inspired I managed to get into Spotlight yes I know that shop,but if compared to what I have access to over here? bliss,I stocked up on some new bits,needles fabric beads and so on...

See no wool? wow how did I mange,but I did find another little shop run by a a rather off putting manager,I was told late that she was a bit scary,she actually put me off going in but there was a lovely little stitchery in the came home....the wool in Spotlioght was surprisingly good and nearly picked up some Cleakheaton Tweed but thought if I could afford a few extra dollars I rather support the local shop here as if we dnt it will also disapear like so many good ones in Kalgoorlie...
Im off to Perth agin on Monday and hope to raid the art shop(some yummy oils I saw last time) and Spotlight if the doctors on time.11.15 appointment with flying out at 4pm should give me an hour I hope....
At Spotlight on the last day i found some gorgeous Japanese lawn,really wanted the poppy print but the bit I got was $17 a metre and 2.5m in the two I picked I had to be sensible,I wasnt sure if i could wear it...the button fabric is another project I have in mind..more on it when I can find the right bits and bobs..heres a similiar pattern to what I have though I think mine have more flowiness,thinking 3/4 sleeves for transeasonal weather to wear with jeans etc, saw this pattern and id bought one in a marvelous colourway of denim,dk red and ochre,might add it to list too

Also came across a lovely gallery in Talbragar St too but didnt get back there,gorgeous pair of earrings handmade Im presuming,silver flowers with a pearl in the middle,really regret not getting them.Even had DH organsied to give them to boys as Mums Days gift for me....might call them to see if they still have them...
Mother has a nice house though had I been buying I would have looked further as Ive seen nicer pretty ones for less money and hopefully from the well cared for appearance less maintenance greatest joy while there was watching these little fellos buzzing around...

I saw the daddy bird on the Tuesday morning but only his hareem was present for the rest of my stay,love blue wrens!!One day I shall have a full bushy green garden in a place where these would come and live.
We had a marvelous morning tea at the Olive Grove nursery though I though the food selection was lacking,the scones I had, if dropped, would break your foot,there was potential for imporvement,its an enterprise I would love to run,,,I did resist the urge to give them my own scone recipie,lol
My whole time there was divided up into visiting family and taking Mother shopping,she doesnt know how to assimilate into town life and I dont know if she ever will,trying to sit and relax while at the coffee shop was a sheer feat,having that cuppa was just another job.Dh and I have a Saturday routine of a coffee at the little shop near Woolies before getting groceries etc,our town is small and very little in the way of relaxation venues but we try otherwise we would just shrivel up and die of the everydaydom of this dusty little nickel town. No way am I driving to Kal just for a coffe even if I can go to nurseries tec,Bunnings might be fun,LOL)
I did wizz off to do a few jobs DH and I had discussed so I was able to go to various places and do lots of window shopping too(thats where I saw those earings...)
Anyway my trip home was a thrill in itself,the flight from Dubbo to Sydney was delayed by half an hour so when it touched down,I had about 8 minutes to make the Perth connection and run I did with the boarding sign showing up on the display when I finally found the stair way up through security(they didnt batt an eyelid at my sock needles!!!!!!!!!). There were about 20 people still going into the tunnel onto the Airbus 330, so made the split decision to back track to loo and still made it to load plane ,I think I was third last on the plane....
In Perth we were then delayed again due to our 737 being stuck on the wrong side of the tarmac,airtraffic control wouldnt let them tow it over for us to get on,it didnt bother me as I knew Id still get to fly home lol even if a bit late.Only problem I had was that Dh had bought some dinner for us to share and he was waiting at the Kal airport with it while I was still in the terminal in Perth...we were eventually able to board but told not to put seat belts on as they wer still fueling up,huh? thought that was risky..anyhow that done we are set when one on the stewards discovered that a luggage compartment door had a broken hinge so another 20 minutes roughly(it felt like it) and half a roll of duct tape (which I suggested) and we on the run way with much applause!!
The one of the best parts(on top of family) of my trip away was being able to readjust and rethink the future (Mother slept in til ten or eleven most days) ,and of course get so much done on four projects I took with me.I have soo many ideas but the downside is that Im not happy to stay where I am now..
Citris Shawl,nearly done though I will extend it a bit past original pattern

.New Shawl,got this to the stage of the lace edging

The Spiral Socks
The Atilier,no pics but I did complete a sleeve,one sleeve and body to go...
Started a Shawl from Charleys Mink but no pics yet
This was my knitting spot...

These came with Mother from my childhood home,it was a delight to seat myself on them like I presume my Grandmother did so many years ago..I often wonder what she would have thought of me with the strong handiwork gene runing my veins like my Aunty and Cousins

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  1. A lot of travelling for you. I love the button material, can see it on a grand child.

    I love the knitting you did, I hope it helped at what must have been an emotional time for you.