Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My night off

Its nearly time for bed well it feels like,count down to when I board the big hairy plane and whizz over to Mother,hate the idea of leaving my boys behind but Im sure it will be a lovely wake up call on how much I do for them,they have to contend with Daddy,the Grumpy One.
The last time I went away for a period of time 6 days I think,Mums clearing sale,he refused to wash if the clothes werent in front of the machine,they recyled well apparently
Anyway Ive just learnt more about Office Word in making up a pamplet for Son no 4 for STIs,he had a search for images to go with it and the images were enough to make ones tummy uneasy,gruesome is the best decription,even S. was lets say uttering applicable oaths,boy he can swear for a kid with a learning disability
In short we talked about it and I did it up,took 45 mins and his assignments done,do hope the teacher understands his shortcomings,I "did" one another son a while ago and he neglected to tell me it wa in report form,oops,I cant do reports,but his teacher was quick to return with big words "this is NOT a report" then told B how to do it,he took the original changed it and bingo its gone with the promise of a pass,want to for the cost of the place...
Anyhow back to my heading,my only real night off for the whole week,up at 5.15am,rattle a few sangas and bits and bobs together for the schoolies,throw a half bottle of milk into my soft esky into back pack with a fav Bike mag,Classic Bike Australasia,a knitting project and off to work on my trusty steed,the Yammy 200.They took my fridge last year and gave it to the other person so my shoulders pay the price of carrying a load to and from work each day...at least I get peace in my office, dark corner. 9 hours later I pack up again a tear off home,today I had an errand to do but got home not too late to find an email from insurance peoples who tried to tell me I live not at this address..WTF? Lets see how my reply works,I dont like giving out my address when Im pretty sure they had it in the first place and that I think they re trying to put it over me,considering they have to pay for another air ticket I dont blame them but Doctors orders.
Anyway I have about 20 rows to finish the back of the pink vest,Abalone is sitting there looking me while Ive gone off on another tangent,the SeaShell Cowl  on Ravelry,I could pinch a photo but I couldnt be cruel to the designer,gorgeous though with Kid silk haze and madeltosh tosh light,2 balls of each,I already have a ball of the marmelaide colour with the Rowan kid,I think dark grey for the tosh,so I need one more ball of the marmelaide and two of the Tosh!
Its looking pretty good,a few Sugar loafs are a bit sad but I torn a couple apart in their punnets,hopefully theyll perk up before I go!!
still working on that top
still looking at four pairs of jeans to chop and hem
Now Im off to watch a bit of TV and spinning before I die in bed...
Ok lastly a puzzle
Son did a job for a person,that person gave my DH $100 to give to said Son,now DH got Son to do a job for him for $100,now Son gave me a $100 to help me pay for hire car,I gave it to Hubby to pay him to put sterio in Cruiser,so then DH then passed to Son for doing the assembly,said son is now confused and thinks hes missed out on on $100.
Can anyone work it out and understand?

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