Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last free day

Its my last day,although Anzac Day is a public holiday I do still veiw it as part of my break..lots of shuffling and trying to finish off projects before next week.I have two days of work and if all according to plan Im off to the big city for the chop,I just hope they can sew as good as me(maybe a bit better,LOL)
Its the first time I going to have something more than just a coupl of sts for a cut etc,Im truely hoping this will fix my some what debiliating injury from last year.I sometimes feel that hand is there for good looks not purpose,it doesnt do as its told more and more so the charming Dr Ecker is hopefully of a 98% recovery.
Anyhow Im running around trying to get ready to go back to work however briefly,get the boys organised for back to school and then set things up for next week when big brothers are taking time off to care for the house and siblings, which will be funny in itself.
Knitting: I got to the point of deciding that I will continue on with Citron and use up the second ball,it should be more a wrap that Knecklet
Havent done any more on those socks,though will pack it in case I can do some gentle finger stuff,yer right,books maybe the thing or maybe some fine sewing theres no weight there...which is something not on my list,round off the cottons and find the needles..
Ive also cast on that SCF too,doing an 8 ply round kneck,hopefully the slightly lower sts count will allow a looser fit..
I cast on the Mink yarn from Charlie while in Dubbo and started a plain shawl which I will end in a pattern of some find,its like cotton to knit,theres not much give and very fluffy and aslo shreds,rather funny snuffling and carrying on at the airport with fluff floating around and sticking to nose
Spinning..I finally got Irish Pub out of Victorias Bag (Louet) and finishing spinning the second baggie and plied last night,its been skeined and washed and now dry next to me,very fine,somewhere around 250 to 300 metres,now on the hunt for either a pattern for it alone or I'll dye up some BFL and a pattern for a two tone,Stephen West has some beauties..this one? or maybe this one,me thinks last one would be nice...
Its about a light fingering and being BFL plus bunny from memory i wouldnt want it near kneck too much but a drapey shawl would be excellent,thinking a dark grey or an aubergine as the background or contrast.The pic below is pretty close.
Well I better go keep organising..........

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