Thursday, April 05, 2012

garden update!!

The gardens going well,I had a look around McBrides nursery on Wednesday while gathering a few things for work and found some Shallots on special so grabbed two punnets,never grown them before but looking at the web Ive got some confidence in getting to harvest or propgation,either way its fun to be working in the garden again,big hopes of maintaining this push right through to spring so the summer garden bed will be easy and productive to some point if only for sanity!
Even Fluffa Bunny approves......
The garden at the moment,the stock planted has transplanted well with only one sugar loaf looking a bit sickly,hopefully a warm few days will help there,the silver beet well its easy and the beetroot is also going well and the leaves are standing up and getting bigger,after washing out some peas yesty (by accident) they are germinating and I hope to see some green shoots before I leave on Monday morning,the boys will be given strict practical instruction how to water without drowning or killing anything...
Its quite chilly today and I think the cool snap that came through last night will probably follow me over east so Im trying to get the pink vest done today,just have one sleeve to do and I can tie off and sew in ends and wash and block, it will need blocking to pull the frillyness of the edges out but couldnt do it anyother way due to the small neck opening,Ive modified the pattern as the original was apparently a bit more chunky but Ill try to take note of what Ive doen and will makeanother for work in Clinker,heaps of black stashed away unless I do a jumper,me thinks a vest will be more usefull for when its cold only an over coat will do but a vest ill wear much more with our long Springs and Autums. No picks yet,maybe tomorrow ")

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