Sunday, April 08, 2012

Got this idea from Knitorious and thought why not

Knitting...  Citrus shawl,got lost ripped back and now into third section,will pack it for my trip
Atilier,sitting there looking at me
Another Hoodie in Rowan red tweed,hiatus for two years and fell in love with it last night as I packed my bag,it will be my work knitting project me thinks
Spinning 2 more of these

Listening to... boys being pesky

Thinking about...what I have to do today,mow lawn,finish washing  and packing

Dreading... the mess when I get home and going back to work

Planning... my last days off and upcoming surgery and wondering if I can finish some UFOs before then...

Excited about... flying tomorrow,a great book and Magazine,the latest IK and my peas up are and the broard beens are just pushing through too
And hopefully the shallots will be growing well by the time I get back!

Humming... Ball and Biscuit by White Stripes I love the beat and the fact this is  two people band can produce such music.

Drinking... Tea from a pot made the traditonal way

Itching to... knit

Needing to... organise myself

Organizing....the family who ignore me anyway

 Inspired by... all the people I visited this morning in the blogging world

Delighted by.the warm wind gently moving through the door

Recording...the last few hours with my family before I fly away for 10 days tomorrow

What's up w/you?
Ive downloaded the Blogger for my Phone but not sure if I will post while Im away but Im sure there ll be heaps to tell when I return either way!
Have a Happy Easter and enjoy the choccies!!

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