Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last hours of freedom

Well its feels like it...
Tuesday Im in to get this retched arm fixed,six weeks off work in a splint for god knows how long,no knitting sewing or motor bike for a fair part of this time..I can see an aweful lot of TV,Books and web browsing,maybe property shopping? it seems a lot of my close aquaintences are also deserting this part of the woods.
Today I went into town for Son 3 to play Hockey but they mixed up the times and he missed out,he was mortified of course and DH was not happy with that p[oint of veiw,well I suppose its like arriving dressed up for a special day to discover it wasnt so and everyone else was in jeans,been there done that and Ill never get caught again..
Anyhow Son 1 was racing for the first time so we went out to track to find him absolutley nackered,they race the circuit for 15 minutes full on,hes got a Kwaka 450 and theres a lot of power under that seat,he went back and raced again and out of a field of 20 odd he got 7th place as they go through flag but I m not sure about the final placing,I think he did so well but scary as hell for a Mum who lost a brother roughly his age on a bike.Watching them take off and come together at the first turn is just undescribable,I saw him through and it was just all go from there.One rider was hit in the face with a rock and pulled out straight away,a lot of blood dripping down his face,half way through another two riders went down,one went away in the Ambulance with probably two broken ribs while a friends son came a big buster and lost bits of his bike,secretly I though he still looked a bit shaken at end of race though he and his younger brother were up the front across the line..
My boy in his Aussie colours with Son3 next to him

Lining up at the starting line
And they re away!

Im very not likely to ride this track but it doesnt stop me thinking about it,a casual ride mind you certainly not the racing kind.....

Knitting I doing well with citron,about to start the second ball,

and the SCF vest Ive taken the plunge and stuck to the 5mm needles,cast on for the medium size on 4.5mm but Im looking at it being a bit loose so by increasing as per small size Ill be able to keep it closer to fit by continuing on with the small size.I dearly hope I dont have to frog but its a fairly easy,no!! casual knit and a great TV or radio knit,I can almost knit it without looking,the colours are beautiful and knit eough last night to see a bit of dazzling blue slip though..

Anyhow I fly off tomorrow to be in Perth for the pre-op and into day clinic on Tuesday for 11am...scared,you bet I am..I havent had anymore info from Docs except the appointment and they never sent though the file with all I need so i dearly hope alls good as the insurance peoples will not be happy if I land down there with Hubby in tow as carer.Aparently I m to stay in the big city for 5 days maybe 7 for follow up,I have some wonderful Ravelry pals coming to my creative rescue probably on Saturday for a meet up,I know its going to be cruel to watch everyone else knit,Im wondering if the fine lace will be ok if I dont move the left wrist?
One more of that lovely Corriedale
Ive used my little Kodak so it not as clear as the Canon but feeling lazy,it was closer that the big one...
I dont think Ill be back here for a week or so but as I said before I do have the link from my phone,depends how bored I get ")

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