Thursday, May 10, 2012

Home and on the mend

I imagined what it would be like comimg home but I didnt think of the annoyance of not being able to do much,I wont say nothing cause I still have my right hand which is the dominant one but boy dont you need that left one...heaps..
This is myself three days after surgery...

This was my quiet corner til the weather turned damp and windy
My room exited out onto this shared undercover,it was lovely on the Wednesday when I came out of hospital as the pain killers were not very friendly..
The knitting community came to the rescue after Hubby went home( he was my carer for two days after operation) and Myrlene took to the me off to the bestest knitting shop I have ever been,Crossways Wool and Fabric in Subiaco, the people were so nice,friendly and genuine,they were also very popular and on their feet full time,who said knitting was a dying art..while there I managed to add to stash

These beauties I got for shawl production,thinking of the Dream Strip Shawl but not sure if the orangey red will be too much but also theres this pattern too, Juliana and I have some Tart in Malbrigio if I remember right to go with the peuple for the stripe shawl too....I saw this combination and loved it
This one I couldnt leave behind,if only you could feel in through the monitor,seriously good stuff
you will be my quishy and I will hold and pet you forever...
And of course more bits for projects I needed well bits for...the tulip hat in the Interweave mag,a spare ball for Sons hat etc
and I couldnt resist these but not sure if i could make them into sock for combine with maybe black for an awesome shawl

then I went to Bilby yarns........ the lovely lady on appointment let us in for a quick shop..I snaffled 1400m of 4ply which looks more a sport,600 grams of charcoal merino top and that lovely packets of colour at top of this post.Im hoping to make Finnian for my Hubby one day so will need to go back and order 8ply but the 4 plyI might make this one simple yet still a bit of cable for interest.
beauty shot

Sample of different silk merino ,I got two packs which I want to spin in lace singles and then maybe chain ply on its self or spin up some gorgeous cormo so I have enough for a scarf,maybe a crochet one,saw some very nice ones in the shops in Perth that wet my appetite for more than just blankets

4ply Western Dream in Charcoal,hoping to get at least a kilo of the corriedale which looked a lot darker than this yarn and the top I brought home
On the last bit of stash I also got this book Knit Noro and already Ive been hunting for yarn to go with at least three of those in this book!

or this one........
but even I would try this one too
The lovely Myrlene took me to the Botanic Gardens at KingsPark where we had a bite to eat and a walk around,the Banksia gardens were my favourite but only one was in flower,we also nearly got caught up with a wedding ,lol werent happy with us but with the showers we were moving pretty well anyway!
More on this next post I must deal with progeny.........

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