Sunday, May 13, 2012

Super Excited..

Well I was when visiting the lovely Doctor this morning thinking Id be able to be rid of that bulky bandage and have the ability to wear something other than those two Ive got DHs oversized John Butler Tee on,if I tuck the hem in in a wee bit and let the rest fall it looks ok,the fabric gorgeously soft,anyhow i digress,Doctor looked prodded and declared antibiotocs and rebandaged with.. a stetchy sleeve to compliment the crepe,now Im back(never left)the sausage arm and boy he does them firm,no tight as, bugger..typing is painful so only using that hand for a few keys and relying on fast right hand motion..sigh
Anyway after that let down the super excited was back again when DH went to PO and retrieved our mail,woohoo,the Bendigo card for their new yarn is here at,wow I love it and the lovely Anne at Onemorerow has just posted (I just read it is closer) about her new vest project,when I saw it it hit me, perfect for this yarn,Serenade,  20% bamboo &80% wool,not soft soft but the silk sheen is so nice and the wool should give it a sturdiness,Im swaying between Asphalt and Clover though theres a nice bit of this colour being destashed I wouldnt mind so maybe the Merlot or Hibiscus,I just dont know yet,will sleep on it...
Spinning a bit at a time,found being right dominated the left is not needed as much,it just rests and acts as a platform..
This the last of the colours
Then I ll do the white como,wonder if its a waste of a lovely fibre,I have Polwarth too but wanted to spin it up to a sweater worth then dye before knitting..anyway Ill ply the white and coloured silk merino and I have grandose plans of a crocheted (if that fails knitted) wide scarf,saw a gorgeous sample at crossways,it looked like a ladder like sts with a crocheted border,food for though anyway..
Should have cropped or found a better spot to take photo but anyone whos loves bendigo with have one anyway ")


  1. I'm waiting a delivery of Serenade in Asphalt for a hat for second son. He reminded me I'd promised him a new hat and it was getting cold. Fortunately order was already in and a few bits and pieces to take it over $30.

  2. LOL I think Ill oder two colours as I have a real need for vests! But what colour!!PS my Son no 1 is getting Graham in Jet!