Sunday, May 13, 2012

Part 3

Now I thought I d better finish off the story of my surgical trip to the big city with a few more picks
Now isn't this simply the most gorgeous sample of specialist techie spinning,coils if I remember rightly(it was a sample of a spinning school by a visiting lady of reknowned ability but I cant remember her name ,bugger)..Ive looked at pictures before but never actually picked up a sample for the touchy feel,they were so pretty I was super careful thinking they were untouchable,dont know why perhaps I thought them a bit delicate? Anyway they were so soft and squisshy,(I didnt squish of course) but I could feel the softness,Iv never wanted to spin anything like these before but now Id love too,Toodyay Retreat has a spinning lesson of techies such as these so Im going to set myself up with the nescessary goods to what on earth would you knit with this sort of sample. warpgirl suggested she would love to see how weaving would work and I agree,what texture...I actually have a dump of Charley fluff to try this...
Went  searching for some link for the art yarn stuff and came across this one I also foiund this one too not spinning still an interesting idea,maybe you could use seconds from fabric shops or mills
Now more on that fantastic day out..

I was a bit shy to take many photos in case people would be upset but the church was awesome and the hall wonderful,I havent seen such a community minded group for a long time...
the gardens again
Lush greens
which reminds me,this is what my wee garden looks like now...
just look at the silver beet,the beets and sugar loafs!!!Yes and look at the holes,I must pyrethrem them very soon....

Broad beans

Look carrots,only littel one but they are coming up in the droves
pity the parsnips are not appearing but I think if I remember rightly they are slower than carrots. These red ones are hubbies bred ones so they should do very well!
Spinning Ive done a little bit for sanity and a few rows as well on my sons Graham hat and my pink citron but onle a bit a t a time,my arm is still too sore to do much.This week I get the bulky bandage off and so Ill be able to fit into my normal clothes thank heavens,the weathers been nice so luckily i have needed to rug up which would have made problems seeing most of my stuff wouldnt fit...its actually been a good thing,its also made me look at the things I dont normally wear,like the two check cotton shirts Ive been wearing constantly over the last two weeks,they look great with a knitted vest,one of which I havent worn much at all,its like a waist coat with buttons and all in cornflower blue,Id knitted it at least 8 years ago but worn rarely due to being too bright but having it on last thursday I got heaps of great comments so maybe I should rethink..anyhow I bought all that Japanese prints from Spottie back in Dubbo so those peasant tops I had planned would have been ideal if only I could reach my dining table to cut out and sew them up...

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