Friday, May 11, 2012

Part 2?

To continue
Myrlene took me to Kings Park and although it was drizzling it was a fantastic morning out after a trip to the very nice Crossways Wool Shop in Subie
Where it was superbly green
the banksia garden but not much was flowering
though I did find one very nice one
And this poor tree was in the news some time ago when they dug it up and carried it all the way from up top of WA,the Baob Tree,similiar to what we have here in Kambalda, kurrajong or Brachychiton.
It had a lot of holes drilled into it so I presume it was the doctoring side of re establishing it in the Park.
and another shot..
Down further there were some wonderful inlaid stone near the other side of the banksia gardens in front of a lovely bench seat  that also had design features that was linked to that garden.I didnt get a closeup of the bench seat but if you look carefully theres the banksia leaves running along the back rest ")

After we went off to the markets and Ive never seen so much dry goods in buckets...

On the Saturday I was a traveling companion out to Mossman Park for the Eco Fair with Ruth who was such a lovely lady, we had great conversation and Im eternally thankful to Myrlene, Ruth and Helen who went out of their way to give me  a lift to these places and home rescuing me from being locked up in a room all weekend.Myrlene also organised a trip to the Bilby Yarn shop too, naughty enabler,hope I can go back soon to source the wool for Hubby whos nodding to another knitted garment...
Spinning demo which involked a lot of interest and laughter and community gardens...

These grounds were beautifully kept,looked productive and a lot  of care went towards keeping them that way.
GARDEN UPDATE SOON.........Im typing one hand so forgive any funny bits..

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