Monday, May 28, 2012

Oops missing in Action

Well I havent been here for a few days,Everytime i thought Ill write a post up ,something got in the way,never the less I havent much in the way of pics but I have nearly finished the green vest,its quite low at the front in a scoop rounded neck way and although it looks very hand made, individual more truthly, I love it for its colour and for the fact its the first spun and made top for two year? but before that Id say near on 20 after the very heavy one I made my Brother(its gone, eaten by moths as Mother didnt store it very well,think it got lost in the mess after his passing),the eqally heavy one I was contracted to make in Dubbo many moons ago and before that the gorgeous cream 20 micron merino vest I made from a Womans Weekly mag( I learnt to sew from that one too) as a 16 year old plus the black one with sleeves,Ive been spinning for years but for little things and often left in the stash or given away,now Im on the run for sweater lots and although Ill keep up with the vests for the next two projects,Im dying to put my name down on Davids list over at SCF ,but what colour!!! Budgie or Old Gold looks good but I d like to mix it with something like a blue maybe Budgie or Deep Blue Sea...
Look Ive been playing..........wanna another look??
Not crash hot but so much fun,Ive since doen another bobbin but its different in the size of the bobbles. I used some bunny merino from Charley in rainbow colours and the keeper yarn was a two ply fine lace merino from Treehouse.I couldnt see myself knitting it,too fine and my eyes wouldnt forgive meWhat on earth can I do with it,maybe in alternate rows on a top down garter st sweater just for the shoulder area,hmm I have a think...

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