Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Here I am

That was a brief time away,it was a combinaton of time away and being busy....
June long weekend,I went to Toodyay for our Annual Retreat and boy it was fanstastic,the place,the people and the whole relaxation theme of the time there.I planing on taking DH for a weekend later in the year,I love the area around Toodyay and I think its because of its association with time away and forgetting troubles that once a year trip.
I left Kalgoorlie at about 9.45 after dropping my son at school(he had a large project) with a cappacino in hand I set off to Coolgardie,it wasnt a bad trip,got stuck behind a few slow trucks and caravans though the most memorable bit was a truckie pulling out into the oncoming traffic forcing the caravans to vere to the wrong side of road to avoid him,it was shear luck that the vehicles comig the other way werent too close,I was forced to apply brakes quite sharply and I got stuck behind him for a while..
After a 3/4 hour stop at Southern Cross to meet up with friend,Helen I managed to get to Toodyay just before dusk,call in on Pamela,bestie friend for brief chat before making it to the Avon Valey Homestead just the other side of Toodyay itself.
I didnt take that many pics tough I went for a wander in PJS mind you, early on the sunday,I was very careful not to shut door behind me even though the owners did say they didnt lock the main door..I did well for the early walkers came back and couldnt get in!!
This is where I parked, disliking down hill spots like this I turned the wheel so it would bump into the retaining wall with only a small travel and left in gear as well as hand brake of course,having a weak left hand at moment I wasnt taking chances....
Looking across the open country as the sun climbs the hills behind me

I loved the warm glow,surprisingly it wasnt a very cold weekend,cool but not freezing,enough to appreciate the vests and jumpers I took without being too far either way

beautiful gardens!!

In among these were blue wrens and other pretty birds but I didnt get to use the other lense being so busy trying to get as much spinning, knitting and conversation in as possible..
Classes for those who were needing more techniques etc,I did stay for a while but it was alittle cilly and I wanted to get a few pics!! This was cast on methods,I lost count after a while but theres certainly more than I ever  knew about
This year there was a destash table where I was lucky to adopt my first ball of Wollemeist,not sure if the spellings right there,lol
Sock weight but not sure whether it 150 grams or 100,yes I cuddled and stashed til I can fiddle..
The below is the marvelous yarns and fibres from our lovely indie dyers,Charley from Ixchel Fibre farm and Mandie from EGMTKs
And  we also got a first look at the wonderful MS Gussets Cormo of which a skein of some yummy green came home
From Miss Charlie
And from Mizz Mandie
This yarn combo will be a shawl,a striped shawl,the purple blue will be the edging,I did buy it for socks but when they were side by side this pattern sprung to mind! And heres a selection of gorgeousart yarns made by one of our very clever group, she given me ideas to persue different types of fibre treatments!

This years was the best so far maybe cause I was more relaxed and planned it better,next time I will also only sit up every second night not every single one...also instead of taking a million of UFOs,Ill take two I know could be finished and buy some yarn or fibre the first night and complete something over the weekend,but whatever I do its something I really look forward to.For others theres a lot of groups in Perth to catch up but here theres nothing and looking at that and talking to a few people theres a chance we could start a monthly get together in Kalgoorlie.Awefully funny while having a coffee with DH last week,I had the Darling sock in my bad and did a few rows as I like to keep my hands busy and over further a couple of older lady were commently quietly about what I was doing and that you dont see that anymore,rather amusing,maybe I should take my spindle next time!

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