Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday too Far Away

How many know this movie? well, I think its applicable as I go back to work tomorrow on very light duties for a few hours and a few days,I am seriously worried about my the arm,it still sore to touch which is expected but every now and then it also fels disjointed and tingly as though the blood flow is affected. Dipite this it is better in the numb fingers etc and the fingers themselves are so loose and springy.The lovely Doc suggested I may need something similar to right hand ...yikes,lets not think about this now
Did some more spinning this last week,very hard and not as much fun but Im delighted with the result,also round off the black Aurora into a skein, havent taken pics yet but if I think of it tomorrow ill get them tomorrow,fingers crossed its a nice day!
Just a pic or two for interest sake
Fluffa likes to rest his head on my foot or leg and often goes to sleep as I ruffle his fur

Just look at that fleece,found an old bobbin with some of his cashmere/merino and plied it off,oh so soft anf yummy,cant wait for the warm weather so I can trim him again for another skein or two,thought a rib warmer might be interesting in this resulting yarn,again pics to follow.As soon as I finish this Cashmere Bling from Charley Im tossing up between the blue BFL from Mosely Park(Christmas parcel) or the Corriedale Pink Elephant from Southern Cross Fibres,been behaving and havent added to spinning stash from David for soo long,missed his update this week which is probablya good thing though Charley may have hit the nail on the head with a spot of my current fav colour this week,Ill give it a few days before I ask, need at least three.
Lastly,this weekends Sunday was spent watching No 1 on the track,being coached by a former MX racer helps.

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