Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cold Cold Cold

It was my turn to stay home as Docs has me on 4 hours a day for three days for two weeks,I find out Friday where I go from here..
Meanwhile I have got through this
Pink Elephant from SCF
Very happy with this,its only two thirds of the braid so when I wash it there will be bloom and hopefully a more DK weight to knit,its very light and airy propbaly cause I used the Wee Peggy (70's era) and try as I might cannot not get it to spin and draw in at a rate wher I have a stronger single so when Im chain plying it is quite tender,hoping this wont lead to too much felting,thinking either this pattern or this or this as Im calulating I will have at leaast 800 to 100 metres
oh these are current spindles ....
These last two are the lastest,well I was saving for a Golding but hoping a AKL will move here soon!
And all from Spinningwoodie on Ravelry (except the nice one with the back fleece I refer to as my production top from Angeline in Perth)
The big one is beef wood and the new ones are sassafras and other woods I cant recall!,Gorgeous spindles but I havent tried them out properly yet,too many things and not enough time! They are very pretty though!!

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  1. I like the first pattern. Those Golding spindles are awesome, now that would be an indulgence.