Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finally its Winter

The last few days has been bone searing cold,at last Im up to taking two hot water bottles to bed as that end of the house was like a rabbit chiller.............
Back at work on short hours/days and I suspect the insurance peoples are sitting there watching and even eavesdropping on my phone like they have with DH.Cant wait for holidays,the most peace I will have had for months..just me and the birdies!
Spinning ive been treddling along and have finished the third braid on the set for the knit I have in mind,taking a break and just started on Pink Elephant,I much prefer Charleys batts/braids to the fine merino,still fast but the stickyness is annoying,three braids should produce close to 600 metres...

Just a few added to the handspun list,the blue Ixchel Fibres Cashmere Bing will be the Banksia cowl from Toodyays Retreat this year,especially designed by or lovely talented AnneIm rather keen on the KAL shes talikng about too but trying to get other projects out of the road first!
The second is the last skein in production so far off my Bunny,cared with about 75% merino,it gorgeosuly soft and I hope to get a bit more done next summer for a hat or vest,he has the most superb fleece at moment but I cant obviously shear him now,that would be insane! However he grows it every year and every year I get to clip him,the last two years are stashed,if I could find the bag Id have abit more done! I keep threatening to find a German Angora...
The last is the first of a few EGMTKs Aurora,got another 150 or more fibre yet to be spun on the Angel spindle!
Anyhoo,speeding along on the first sock of that rainbow Katia Darling yarn I bought last month,a bit splitty and it feels very strong woll or downsy,hoping it wont be slippery to wear inside a boot etc,I found with this yarn I had to knit 75 rows befoe the short row heel could be started,seems a good fit now,up to above the ankle and am increasing to 72 sts,two sts every ten rows,not sure how Ill cast off yet.
And another treasure Ill have to start soon too,hoping theyd have the wool version but no its cotton wrapped wire but it ll be interesting ! Love the colour and as I seem to wear a lot of balck now it should be great!
The garden hast grown...
Peas,flowering like theres no tomorrow
peas podz
Silverbeetie,love those deep crinkle leaves,Fordhook Giant!!
and cabbages....hearts are ahappening
Thats all..........

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