Friday, June 29, 2012

A little bit excited

This has come home to live with me!!!!!!
My very first new car bought soley by me! I have to get used to being close to the ground after driving a Cruiser for a while and really I dont feel as safe but it means Son 5 can have tutoring after school and hockey trips dont have to be budgeted,also DH wont object to the extra drives I need to make from time to time even its just for sanity,hehe also if sons miss bus its not a biggy to run them in,,,,,,,,,also speaking quietly a quick trip to see special friend is now possible,shhhhh
I am  a little alarmed at the hot smell emulating from it tonight after a trip to the other side of town and back with DH driving but no alarms etc so think its just running in still (if not then the dealer will be hearing from me...)
PS this pic is proably the cleanest it will be be being brand new and everything
lastly I think I made the Wollemeise update tonight too,I did promise myself savesavesave for the AKL but it was sooo pretty!


  1. Oooh! Lovely and shiny. I hope you enjoy it.

    I just saw your comment on my blog about sitting with the slow cooker. I put mine on automatic which is HIGH and the switches down.

    My sister has not long been past your way. Sort of single grey Nomad. She liked Kalgoorlie and then went north. She has friends who have family all around so she's been off the beaten track as far as sight seeing goes. She's currently housesitting for a friend who has gone east with his wife for a couple of months. She's at Newman with some garden, horses, peacocks, chooks etc. She's enjoying herself but never had money to do anything. This is part of her money from mum's death, so she bought a small van which opens up to an A-shape. Is having a good time in WA.

  2. Wonderful to hear,theres so much in this state thats so indivual,cant wait to take a few trips myself! Been here 13 years and hardly seen a thing yet!