Saturday, June 30, 2012

A cold morning

Its Sunday,no kidding, its quiet  sooo soo quiet,no ones awake yet,its dead still outside and absolutely freezing,even the rabbits refused to venture outside,I think its frosted,in fact looking outside the window to my right I can still see ice on the windscreen of my Tarago,as it waits for parts,its going to greener useful pastures so maybe I ll have more room on that side.
I finished spinning up the Scorched Gotland last night and have a stiff back but it was for mediation purposes as we nearly had a house fire(only little ) that opened up the minds of the two youngest to how careful one must be,somehow a coal or a piece of lit bark must have flipped out of the fire door and landed under the vacum cleaner,its virtually brand new and it really took off,by the time No 4 alerted me it was well alight and putrid acrid smells were emulating enough for Son 5 to clear off outside due his asthma,he couldnt breathe easily for a wee while. I simply grabbed the thing and run outside and threw an old towel over it to extinguish the flames,there went my virtually new Petlover Cleaner,just when I could least aford a new one,bugger and damnations,at least it wasnt any worse and also a good lesson for youngers boys..
Feeling lost and lonely today for some reason,Im swaying between cutting losses and moving away from this nasty rumour mongering town or becoming a recluse and ecentric person. Still battling with Sons school,this time there was a school ball that we werent told about ($50 a head I was told,too late) as my son has to be managed it would have been nice to have been informed so we could talk to him and discuss the possibilty of him at least attending for a short time,hes socially isolated enough as it is. Going to a bigger HS next year when hes basically illiterate means he dosent have much chance of getting in with a good bunch of school minded students and most likely will have to contend with those who dont want to be there .When one of his brothers attended there was  stabbing but he didnt know anything about it due to his classes being in the higher levels.
What do you do with a boy who is intelligent but has a learning disabilty but is surprisingly cluey about computors and has the most indepth insight to human behavior but  cannot not learn in a normal class structured way. Starting year 8 most of the staff including the Teachers assistant regarded him as lazy and talked quite openly around him to that affect including the TA. Now when its nearly too late they have revisited their mistake but spend more time covering their butts than doing something about it. Thank God theres an old teacher coming back shortly,he understood him and hopefully may help even in a small way
Hes declares school is a waste of time that hes not learning anything,hes bullyied (indeed he sits with the same crowd each day but they do disappear deliberatly some days leaving him to wander around at break time) and as hes been the fogotten student with very little duty of care in safety as well as learning  shown towards him. Im at my wits end given the run around with unsupportive uneducated staff,unreliable admin and a total disregard for the well being of him as  student.Oh and on top of that despite havin several meetings recently with outgoing and ingoing Principals we were even  denied the chance of attending a parent meeting with the District Director who visited recently. So any ideas???
On a brighter note for I have to look for them this morning,I bought a VD yesterday with the intention of using it for a mixed medium art book,it will be my outlet in the form of anything goes,I need it,no one to talk to,with my weird circly mind I dont blame them so I can bury myself in this art Journal and find solice that I am not mad,just individual. Being invited to participate an a small art exhibit again so this will help form some ideas,a bright spot in the future to look forward too! Plus I have to remember to join the Golden Mile Art association (I think thats it title) so I can gain some experience there too,having the little car also helps as I can actually get there ,lol
heres a nice pic of  Lake Lefroy to finish, ps it was freezing cold and windy at the time.........

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  1. Is TAFE an option for him where you are, my daughter did her HSC there, seems to suit some that aren't fitting into school or just don't like all the crap that goes on. Some amazing success stories