Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Have you noticed the number of sick people around at the moment? The oldest is coughing and was fluey when he came home last week and I truely thought we were in for it...Ive been a bit slack and havent taken zinc or triple horseradish vitamin c etc, only yesterday did I swallow a handful,thought I finally had it but it was just a reflex after being close to a very sick friend,its weird but if my boys get sick I go out in sympathy and a lesser extent if its other people..
maybe Im holding it off..I hope!
Latest fibre transformations
Gotland Scorched ,top from a destash out of Caitlins coffers, its was quite fast to spin though felt very strong, once plied it feels more Gotlandish! Im packing this away until Ive got the loom and will work on the natural grey I was spinning on my favourite spindle until theres enough for the wrap shawl thingy.Im aiming on warping the loom so theres a few of the coloured strands for the length and the remaining as an end piece.No Im not up withe the terms yet..
finished skein
pretty close to the true colours.While spinning I found the undyed sections quiet a bit softer,I think the rest of the natural baby gotland I have will also make it onto the wheel as its much faster! Hope to order that lom by the end of the month as a belated Bday pressie!
And also this is nearly half way done,Twinkle Bunny,"Teddy Bears Picnik"
Its sooo fluffy I could die I shriek!!!!(from Despictable Me)
excuse me as I run off to play!!

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