Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Bday gone

and looking forward to a fresh year. Beautiful Wishes..

This years Bday was quite good,i worked on my own with no one to annoy me,I felt great,it was a lovely day,what more could i ask for..this year I was part of a Bday swap and received the said parcel a day or so,cant remember now,so being a good patient person I am i took it to work and after a boiling the kettle tuning into the news ,ABC of course, I opened it,there was little parcel one after the other and each one carefully wrapped,soo much fun,the gorgeosu Swappee picked the right bits,new needles a wee bit of wool (great as I have enough to start a shop,hehehe) a huge block of choccy and few other bits,including a wonderful eco platisc bag that folds into nothing,a new all weather knitting bag,lol..

The birds arrived to share the event
There 7 butcher birds and four magpies now who visit each day,I talk to them and they talk to me,lol maybe Im becoming the mad Bird lady,cackle cackle
Anyhow My best Friend also sent a beautfil parcel a few days later  and i dont how but she picked the just right things!!! im collecting sheep and there was one in the parcel,he resides on my desk with the ones she found year,I can see a trend happening here,lol and on top of that there was also a Willow Tree in there too,I was given a couple of these a few years back but this one is my fav,"Beautiful Wishes",I havent had the right sunny day and time to photo it or the baa baa,but next time Ill add them,
Editedgot camera out and the flash wasnt too bad!
 One of my beautiful boys also did his usual and Im the proud owner of a gorgeous dress ring,its simplicity is all me,I dont like garish loud jewery and and love the more vintage type.When DH was looking at getting me an Eternity ring ages ago the shop lady gave me one to try,it was an Argyle Pink Diamond,it was gorgeous in the box but on my hand it looked ostentatious and when she told
me the value it went back into its little box quick smart but I am happy I tried it on...Id rather the big back yard shed in which Im to have my studio,she wasnt impressed I didnt like it (on my hand) and bamboozled about my preferance!
The new baa baa to the flock!

Ive moved onto a braid of Churro from Charley though no spinning for the last three days due to work and simply too tired but theres an over flowing plastic shopping bag to show for the spinning achieved in the last 6 weeks,its a lot for me and I havent even gotten to measure them,soon they will bathe and then onto the needles!

One more week of half days before in theory Im supposed to go back to full duties but arm is not as it should be,grab an electric fence and thats what its like....a new boss may help though!

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