Friday, July 06, 2012


Thats what it feels like!!! I would love to be packing bags and driving off to some place where we can relax and unwind ..its not to be but I can dream.
I resisted the Wollmeise update today,the" La Gitane" (linked to a lovely pic of this) has me but so do the other wondoerous colours!! I think I may visit next update if Im a awake tonight to see if theres any lace weight but other than that I may wit til next week and indulge for Bday!! Also hope to order the loom too!!! Late at night Im dreaming up ideas for the colours and patterns for the weaving projects and find my self wandering off into an artscape of weird expressive things that I fear only I could love...
Am considering a career change as soon as possible to try to lift the income bracket so we can buy a house someplace else,I like Esperance but dont think employment is very good there,Kalgoorlie has an aweful spate of breakins and smashing of car windows etx and get a place thats safe and secure means a value of over $450,000 something DH would never consider unless we sell here and I really want o keep this place and rent it if we do go. Thought Dubbo would be great and had the nod for a job there tjough I seriously think it was out of my field anyway.Id love to buy a day buiness not one that runs at night,a nursery with a art gallery and cafe would be ideal but the logistics of moving is horrifying.
Australia Post made my day today with a little parcel from a beautiful lady destashing a half skein of Wollmeise,already ahve a pattern picked but the thing is this parcel also contained some extras just as though she found out it was my Bday,it was a real lift of spirits and I shall try to return the gesture for later!!
Now Im thinking this or this  :)

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  1. Oh your a cancerian too, happy birthday. Hope things turn around soon. Things here seem to have here but still take day to day, it's nice to be able to plan ahead, even if tentatively.