Thursday, January 26, 2006

Well I have seen others get caught! Now its my turn
I have been tagged by Beatlewear for this game:

Groundrules: The first player of this game starts with the Topic"5 weird habits of yours" and people who get tagged need to write a blog entry about their 5 quirky habits as well as state this rule clearly.In the end you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names.

Well here goes (with assistances from my DH,Boys and My work Partner Tracey)

1. Everywhere Cathy goes..... the bloody knitting bag goes too( from Trace, I really didn't think this was quirky! Is it because I am the only person I know who knits 'obsessively' in this town?)

2 I terrorise the garden. Apparently when we are about our duties, Tracey will be chatting away when she realises that I am way behind checking something,whether assessing the viability of seeds from the Arctosis, or fleaing the bushes for aphids, I am always running to catch up with her because something has caught my eye. As part of this I am often caught gazing out across the gardens ,though not sure if this quirky,rather enjoying the marvel of nature,have you ever just sat and looked up into the trees(river gums etc) and been enveloped by the textures that make up their beauty( I'm starting to sound all arty here)......

3 This isn't a surprise to me but I don't put anything into it,I have been predicting weather for years and have been so close at times, that while working on a Merino Stud near Jerilderie the Manager would drop by to check my forcast as he was bringing in his precious rams in for show!
And I wondered why Tracie has been asking "is it going to rain,Cath?"

4 I brush my teeth in the shower too and often feel that my shower isn't complete if I don't(also have a set time in which I brush too,no half way here).

5. Lastly if a bit lame,I will only get into the local pool if its over 45' and only a toe at a time, often taking ten minutes to gingerly lower myself into the water! Lots of friends pick on me for it,but really ,even though I envy the kids(and big kids) who simply drive in, I CANNOT do it. Also if someone splashes me before I'm totally in, then I'm out!

Well thats it, I could add that Like everyone else I cannot enter a shop without coming out with something yarn related,often have many projects going at once and fall in love with a colour or texture without realising the consequences( payed for wool with Phone money... oops.. that colour looks disgusting on me,,hide it in cupboard and pretend to wait for the right time to wear it! or the finished article looked wonderful in the book and makes me look the size of a house!)
With the above These aren't quirky in the knitting community, but here, where I seem to be the only knitter I know, it meets the bill.

Okay, I tag the following peoples hoping someone else, hasn't already done so:
As the Yarn Turns, Knitobsession, Sheeprustling, Sandys Knitting, Random knits.I visit these people regularly and have checked to see if they had been tagged, so I hope they know that I have put them in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm so excited, the wool I ordered form Highland Cottage has arrived and now I am hard pressed to stay on track to finish the wool currently on wheel but I must behave!

The big skein in the middle is 8ply corredale, the little white one is silk(keeper thread for spinning), and the blue mix is' moody blue' ready to spin corredale or merino I can't remember!The little ball is 100g of the corredale in a ball!

Now I'm set to do some more hand dyeingand will dye some silk as well to ply with the blue,this is going to keep me busy for a while!

Monday, January 23, 2006

I found a Sky Watcher button and have put it on here (but can't remember where I found it,so to whoever provided this little button,Thankyou)

And here is my sky picture ......well close enough!!!!

Haven't found out how much but was a lot.A huge thunder storm(a spinoff from cyclone) which lasted only 30mins or more ,stopped for a roughly an hour (just in time for my oldest son to get home from work at Woollies) and down it came again!!!! Afew people had water lapping at their doors if not flooding so it was alot in a short time.Wooppee I won't have water the garden for a while,home and school!!!

Speaking of which My boys will be back there at School wednesday week!! Peace for Mum when I knock off work for a couple of hours at least!

Well this the first test of the hand spun pink wool that I was playing with at Christmas! 6.5mm needles and fairly even so am thinking of a roll brim hat which I found on a site that was collecting handknitted items for Mongolian orphans! The post to America would be a bit too high but maybe here in Australia we can find a similiar cause !

So ( another project) from this,

to this,but this is the last photo taken,

These are Ellzs soxs as She liked the colour so I decied she would be the lucky recipient! and so when Elly checks my blog she can see the project in the making!!!!!

And these are my Mums socks made in 101 Tweed yarn I found on Ebay( and I don't care what anyone says, I have found a few bargains) These are a European brand which I haven't seen here but don't ask me as I don't know what I did with the label. The wool has 2% silk and it is a pretty burgundy that doesn't show up here. Anyhow Mum will love them as she had cold feet last winter and I hope to make her and Dad a couple of pairs !This wool is wonderful to knit(8ply so quick) and only on a very hot day did I have to put them down.I have already pestered the nice Ebay lady to list some more!!!!!

Must go, cheers.................

PS Notice the links list,managed to get it to work!!!!! ManyThanks Grace!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Well I made it to Kal aaaaaaand was allowed 8mins in the wool shop by the 6 mere males with me,really what can a person do in that time.....
very little...... But I did get a get a couple sets of needles (3.25), though still need more 3mm(supplier didn't send,rats) and the Perendale was on special so thought hmmmm, simple socks(and the white for dyeing).
The army green looked really nice in the shop but very military when I got home(secretly think that the Perendale is not as soft as It looks .....possibly why the store owner can't sell alot,but not game to say that in front of DH )
I ve already started the green socks while waiting for DH( definitely BH) outside Plumbers shop............................................

Here is some of the first thick and sort of thin merino that I have been fiddling with,I spent years perfecting smooth even yarn and to suddening get adventurous and be uneven is not easy! Hoping that it will be around 14ply.
This pictured next to a 7mm needle so I will be doing a swatch test after I dye it (mainly because I love playing with colour!
I did try to overdye one but I'm not happy, so will put into my first felt project like slippers but will have to do a bit more to make sure I have enough.

It has character,you just can't see it on the camera!!.....and thats all I will say!

I'm in the process of doing another pink one but I fear it will be slightly more pink(slipped with bottle!)but it will be okay........................

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

fine and sunny

I have just finished work,raking amd more raking at School, but things are looking beautiful.......

This the entry,in front of High School where the office is.We worked on it yesterday while it was still cool and cloudy( we were hoping that cyclone Clare might drop some rain on us but I think it has disappeared below us towards Esperance, so back to watering on friday.....

My darling son has cleared off with the didgie camera so I can't take any photos of my spinning, but I can tell you a bit about it.

I have done about 350g of wool/angora which I think is around 10 ply,(haven't had time to test it yet) and I have designs on the famous clapotis that everyone was crowing about last winter and even though it may be old news I am still facinated by it.

Next off the wheel is some.......well ......lumpy, and its supposed to be, as I love 'Fluffas' hat, so am going to try this wool out both dyeing and whipping up a simple project.Hope that read okay!

I think I have worked out how to put a list of peoples on here as links but as I am pressed for time

  • Rhe Tae Kwon Do, training tonight, two boys and myself are blue belts and hoping to make brown tip,kids won't have a problem but me....lots of work to do there, lol.
  • Have to dry uniforms,see above,
  • Take skein off wheel and start next one,
  • Cook tea
  • Find kids as they have dissappeared into the bush pretending to be budding Harry Butlers

and all this in two hours! Boy am I sore, as we had training last night and it was the advanced class and even though I was told by instructer not to over do it ,I think I might have........

Below is the court in the High school,note beautiful tree is to be cut back(not down) next week,so took picture before its hair cut.

Well thats it, I have to go but hopefully I will have some knitty things next post!!!!!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

more colours

Well I couldn'd resist and have dyed two balls of white Patonyle I bought off ebay before Christmas.
It took me all of 2 minutes to pick a colour and I will be more adventuristic next time but I wanted to try to make stripes though I was a bit heavy handed and its come out darker than I would have preferred.But its colour that should look great as socks.

It looks better in real life and am going to ball it up try really hard not to start knitting it until the other sock on needles are at least nearly finished( please note the neeaarrllyy in that). I did a sample of the green/blue as pictured in last post and it is fairly uniform and quite pretty.The boys have volunteered to be the sock recipients.

So here they are ,what does everyone think,I was sort of wondering about Candy Cane for name, and an Australian name for the green/blue one ,either Blue Mountain or Billabong! The yellow pink one,maybe Sunset ( or as one Blogger called something similiar "Canary in a Blender") ,I couldn't do that, I'll stick to the nice one!

Ps I noticed my camera is dated 2004 must have pushed the wrong button somewhere,I'll blame the kids.......................................

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

beautiful colours

I have managed to post this before chasing the darling boys into shower and cooking dinner.
The above are some Californian Giant Petunias that I beheaded to coax some more flowers,couldn't bear to throw them in the bin so they were table decoration for New Years Day!They are huge( though DH didn't appreciate the smell,I mean, perfume......)

Well I finally made it to trying the food dye method of dyeing as in Yarns Magazine!

I think it worked pretty well,considering that 4 boys suddenly appeared and were keen to help.With infinite patience I was able to guide them through the process with only one blunder which was more my fault.I had left one skein(small) cooling in a basin of water, while the next lot was cooling and in the flurry of fiddling, loaded the washing machine which emptied straight into the basin.I have sneaking suspicion that either the kids overloaded the wool with dye or the soap from the machine made the colours run together.It is a lovely green but started yellow and blue.I had trouble with micowave dyeing fabric some time ago and it reacted in a similiar way.I am hoping that the food colouring is set this time and we followed the directions to the point!( though I am very worried I may not be able to use wool wash when yarn is eventually made into little socks!!!!!)

I have two of the blue green one and one green(not photoed) and a red yellow mix. I 'm quite happy with this experiment! Now to order some white wool from Bendigo Mills ( this lot above, came from some baby knitting years ago ) ,I want some bright sock wool ,maybe the cream patonyle I scored off ebay may keep urge at bay until Xmas is paid off!!!!!!!