Thursday, January 26, 2006

Well I have seen others get caught! Now its my turn
I have been tagged by Beatlewear for this game:

Groundrules: The first player of this game starts with the Topic"5 weird habits of yours" and people who get tagged need to write a blog entry about their 5 quirky habits as well as state this rule clearly.In the end you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names.

Well here goes (with assistances from my DH,Boys and My work Partner Tracey)

1. Everywhere Cathy goes..... the bloody knitting bag goes too( from Trace, I really didn't think this was quirky! Is it because I am the only person I know who knits 'obsessively' in this town?)

2 I terrorise the garden. Apparently when we are about our duties, Tracey will be chatting away when she realises that I am way behind checking something,whether assessing the viability of seeds from the Arctosis, or fleaing the bushes for aphids, I am always running to catch up with her because something has caught my eye. As part of this I am often caught gazing out across the gardens ,though not sure if this quirky,rather enjoying the marvel of nature,have you ever just sat and looked up into the trees(river gums etc) and been enveloped by the textures that make up their beauty( I'm starting to sound all arty here)......

3 This isn't a surprise to me but I don't put anything into it,I have been predicting weather for years and have been so close at times, that while working on a Merino Stud near Jerilderie the Manager would drop by to check my forcast as he was bringing in his precious rams in for show!
And I wondered why Tracie has been asking "is it going to rain,Cath?"

4 I brush my teeth in the shower too and often feel that my shower isn't complete if I don't(also have a set time in which I brush too,no half way here).

5. Lastly if a bit lame,I will only get into the local pool if its over 45' and only a toe at a time, often taking ten minutes to gingerly lower myself into the water! Lots of friends pick on me for it,but really ,even though I envy the kids(and big kids) who simply drive in, I CANNOT do it. Also if someone splashes me before I'm totally in, then I'm out!

Well thats it, I could add that Like everyone else I cannot enter a shop without coming out with something yarn related,often have many projects going at once and fall in love with a colour or texture without realising the consequences( payed for wool with Phone money... oops.. that colour looks disgusting on me,,hide it in cupboard and pretend to wait for the right time to wear it! or the finished article looked wonderful in the book and makes me look the size of a house!)
With the above These aren't quirky in the knitting community, but here, where I seem to be the only knitter I know, it meets the bill.

Okay, I tag the following peoples hoping someone else, hasn't already done so:
As the Yarn Turns, Knitobsession, Sheeprustling, Sandys Knitting, Random knits.I visit these people regularly and have checked to see if they had been tagged, so I hope they know that I have put them in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. No. 1 is by no means odd. Only a non-knitter would suggest it! How could you leave your knitting behind, it's amazing how many things get knitted in odd moments during the day.

  2. Hmm - thanks for the tag, I'll be occupied with beloved today but will do this Friday evening GMT!!

  3. I didn't think I had any truely quirky habits so had to use the suggestions from those around me but it was fun!
    I think to others, to see me cart the little green bag that the kids gave me, around while in my steel cap work boots and work clothes often covered in grass bits/dust might appear 'different'....

  4. certainly, no. 1 is a given. people who think it is quirky are simply outing themselves for outrageous levels of quirkiness :p

  5. Hi Cathy, this tagging thing seems to be going on a bit on the knitting blogs.
    I can relate too 2 and 4 and I'm working my way to 1...I do take my knitting sometimes on the bus but a bit to chicken to take it out:(
    5 is very funny.

  6. Oh and your blog is looking very impressive.

  7. I agree - Number 1 is entirely normal, and my mother would think that Number 2 is perfectly normal too (being a garden terrorist herself :)

    So basically you're a well-adjusted knitter and gardener, who doesn't like cold pools. Nothing weird there :)

  8. Hi CAthy, I have taken my time but now I;m getting round to my post about my habits! Your blog is lovely and I;m flattered that you read mine ! BTW I think most people reading would find your habits quite ordinary, I know between myself and my MIL and two SILs I thinkwe have the knitting and gardening covered as quite normal things to do.

  9. Hi Cathy!
    I didn't do this one, but I did a very similar one, a *long* time ago!
    Here it is :)
    It's not good for the world to know too many of my bad habits ;)