Wednesday, March 01, 2006

just a quickie

I haven't disappeared,just been so much work,great for pocket but not for other things.
However I have been knitting or I should say starting new things.I must capture them altogether so you can see the dilemma I have ,when picking what to pick up and work on when I have a moment .
A lot of my projects are the Mindless type as when I have only moments of Knit.on.The Run type of thing then they have to be the plain boring ones .But at least I am knitting.
I am filling in for the Head Gardener at moment as she is taking time off and I plan to teach my new offsider gardener,Deidre how to knit! Shes a fantastic person and I really enjoy working with her! So will be endevouring to set up a kit for her shortly!
I was fortunate to score some Ebay pressies for Me:

  • Pink Stripey Patonyle 4balls( sockies for me,and Mother)
  • A Bundle of Green Flipside(a blankey for one of my boys,scored a green lot a while ago),
  • And $ 13 for a PILE of Balmoral( Sirdar) wool/alpacca which acually looks like Ragg wool which I have been looking for since starting a pair of socks using Scheepeswool Ragg Wool(not sure but it was a steal)

I was wondering if any of you girls in the blog world might have been trying to get these as well but rest asssured They have gone to great home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to get these though as I am going on a strict diet in April as I am desparate for a new cooking instrument and as I am head gardener for the entire month, I am detarmined to get My New Stove ,a huge 900mm wide colossis that will reign supreme in my crappy old kitchen until we work out how to fit the New one fitted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do need to collect at least 4 lots of sock wool for Presents for work associates, so am hoping to order a few skeins from the Knittery just have work out the colours!

The other project is the baby blacket in the cream, mauve, forest and blue stipe that was in CREATIVE KNITTING ,think the spring edition, its only 80cm square or thereabouts but it will be easy to make bigger.Again a gift ,I always seem to give my things away but its great to see the recipients face!!!!!

Well I have to go pick kids up,but will be back to post again shortly with some pictures!!!!!


  1. Your back! Glad you hadn't fallen of the western edge of the continent. :) I did see that stuff on eBay. Luckily I have the pink sock wool, or you might have had some competition. ;)

  2. I have been wondering where you have been???

    Ebay have had some great yarn bargains lately, I have bought some too, I think a lot of people don't knit during summer because in winter most yarns fetch much higher prices.

    Oh and good for you teaching someone to knit, does she know how addictive it is.

  3. Hi everyone,hope to do a post at least once a week but the knitting is a bit slow in progress as I have so many on the go,and the ones I finish have gon eto new homes and I as usual, forget to photo them!