Thursday, March 30, 2006

Out of Dye Wool!

Here I am again with a 'normal' post to show off my lastest dying efforts!

remember this.....

well here is a finished sock,I couldn't be happier! It is lovely to knit and each row was exciting to see the pattern come out!
These are bound for a lovely person at school who has gone on holiday to Vietnam and doesn't know about them,so I have to wait for her return to present them!

And here is a close up of the colours that are pretty well in a stripe pattern of about 2 1/2 rows.The next one I hope to try to imitate this colour but have broader stripes.

This another similiar one but the colours are more defined and richer.I had to cook this for nearly 20 mins to get it to soak up the last of the dye(water to be clear)but it looks good.

This is the skein rolled up to show the colour more!The last photo is of the yellow/blue/white combination ,that looks fantastic.I would like to try the Gaywool dyes next to get the colours that I cannot mix with food dyes that I have found to spit up a bit at the edges (bits of blue coming out of the purple etc).
See how I separated the white wool with an oven bag (I finally found a use for the ones I bought at Xmas),and used small containers sitting in a large one to prevent spillage in the microwave,and
easier to handle when hot!

The blue is Way Cool and Out There ,can't wait to knit it up.
The best thing thing is ,the sock I have just knitted hasn't used as much wool as I thought ,so I may have enough to do another pair even if I have to combine with a solid colour!
This is way to much fun!
cheers for now!


  1. GORGEOUS!! love the colours!! Being someone who dyes yarn myself I totally appreciate what you have done! I just finished my first pair of socks made out of yarn I dyed myself (not self striping mind you).


  2. I find it very addictive and DH is already cursing the vinegar bucket but I could return the compliment concerning his countless bottles of home brew!!!!!
    Really though creating the colours is magic ,though I would love to do some different colors such as autumn browns etc found in the landscape and gaywool dyes!

  3. I LOVE the dyed yarn. It's great. (I'm also a dyer, and my husband is also a homebrewer! But we've gone over to kegs, which is much better than bottles.)

    We have something else in common - exactly the same number of WIPs (if I'm counting yours right) - lucky 13.

  4. Wow! I love your colors! Nice sock too!

  5. They are absolutely gorgaliciously yummy! I do a fair bit of dyeing (I use Landscape Dyes but would also like to try Gaywool) but I have not tried self stiping yet - and the more I see of them the more I want to try them!!!

  6. What a perfect stripe pattern! The socks look great!

  7. Hi Cathy - I love your dyeing - those socks look great! Your WIP pile doesnt look too bad either - I've missed the deadline for the comp but I might 'out' my wips too soon. Thanks for your advice about my stalled projects - I am doing some mindless stocking st hats while I think on both problems. :-) Stripey

  8. Oh Cathy - those socks look great. How clever you are to do the self-striping yarn. The new colours are looking lovely, too!

  9. Your self stripig socks are coming up beautifully! Can't wait to see the lbue yellow white ones. On second thoughts, those are west coast's colours - mebbe I can. LOL

  10. I can't wait to start the yellow and blue socks but have to get a few UFOs out of the way first!

    West Coast Eagles? Thought they were brown and yellow,or are you thinking a different code?(we follow the Wallabies and love to watch Gaelic Footy when we are lucky to see it on Telly!) The Dockers are purple yellow and white I think!
    Was thinking of making socks for one of the girls in the school office who follows the Dockers but need to get a good purple first.I am hoping to get some Gay wool dye.Have you used it? At $11 a pot I know I will want to buy more than one and theres too many colours I would love to get!And I am supposed to be on a diet!

  11. WOW!!!

    You have done an amazing dye job there, you must be very proud.